This page is of questionable balance. Reason: You can’t dual-wield a staff and a blade, since the staff is a two-handed weapon. The bonus Blade Opportunity. First and foremost let me recommend the build guides for all classes on the WOTC forums found in the Character Optimization boards and. The artificer appeared in Dragon magazine # (July ), in a 4th edition playtest article.

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Your weapons, implements, and other gear are inscribed with runes and mystic patterns.

Lightning, Thunder, R vs AC. Cold, Imp vs AC. Obviously you should ignore this if you’re never going to provoke. If the Battlemind was struggling, it might feel cool to turn his sword into a super-awesome ice blade for six rounds Healing, R vs AC.

Artificer (4e Class)

I’ve been in games of varying quality run by people with varying level of rules mastery so openended and fast-and-loose have wedged their way into my game philosophy. You can’t dual-wield a staff and a blade, since the staff is a two-handed weapon. I just don’t have a clue how to effectively support the party with this rule system. A deeper look at DDO’s Update 15″. Becomes better if you have the wand but you have to be careful of the timing. Not all of them are useful, however Conceptually, though, this sounds like exactly what I want.


Definitely worth taking as a golfbag weapon as a Hobgoblin.

The common people in the metropolis of Sharn and other Eberron cities rely heavily on artificers to maintain the magical infrastructure. Healing, Radiant, Imp vs Fort. If you want to be a Warforged, be a Warforged; if you want to be a different race that’s obsessed with being a Warforged, be a Warforged and refluff yourself.

Cold, Imp vs Ref. Second, you’re a newbie, and you picked a Leader class. A Defender’s job is not to grab aggro, it’s to make sure the enemy has exactly artifixer options on its turn and neither one is very appealing.

Artificer (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikipedia

Wis builds might take it just for the resistance. If you already have Mark of Warding, this is much better.

Good Accuracy, can be Thrown, and you can use them as an Implement with a feat, also has Superior Implement options. Fire, R vs AC. Originally Posted by Angel Bob. Artificers receive a number of craft reserve points every level. They also utilize whatever amazingly advanced weaponry they have invented, such as thopters, automatons, or firearms. A further question then would be: Healing Infusion allows artificers to use the two Healing Infusion powers two or three times per encounter depending on level.

He was reducing all incoming attacks by 12 damage, at level 1? So you need to think tactically.

Artificer | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Breath augments of note: Between Flight, Pixie Dust, and some very good Racial Artifider, they practically make up the lack of a secondary. Your survival relies on your skill with the blades of war, artiticer your ability to improve them. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Last edited by Verbannon; at Magic of Eberron Provided expanded options for homunculus companions.


The Dragonmark is pretty central to his concept as a character – though I could switch it to a different type of Mark, I suppose. Allows you to combine any Spear support with being Ranged. Retrain out of it if you take Spell Commander. Being able to Magic Weapon as a Minor is huge for your ability to buff aetificer. The wand only makes it a little better for Wis builds. I think that covers it. As with the Greatspear, I see little reason for races without Spear feats to use them.

That would be the class feature Battle Resilience. Wizards of the Coast. The oddballishness of it fits so well with my theme. If you’re able to deal fire damage on all your implement attacks, this is probably a better way to go.

The bonus Blade Opportunity feat pushes them to use a blade, so staff is quite inappropriate as their implement. Originally Posted by Selenir.