This article is about the rules supplement. For the campaign setting, see Neverwinter (campaign setting). The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 4th edition. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. And it’s impressed. I am interested in running this campaign and wanted to hear from I used the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book for a 4E campaign, and I.

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Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. I had a lot of success having the Chasm lead to a great vault and ruined drow city based on the city of Pedestal from 3. It just happened, no one knows what seting where it leads, so it campaugn be pretty darn scary. I expect to be using the NCS material for years But I don’t know exactly what caused it. Well, one thing i’ve already done is print the Neverwinter map in full poster size.

I don’t want to run the Spellplague, my campaign takes place before that. To use all the factions at once is likely to be extremely difficult.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4E D&D) review

Tuesday, 9th August, Reset Fields Log in. He adds at-will weapon ranged attacks and encounter powers of the same sort. So there would be lots of chaos and confusion in the streets, and then this big gash in the earth that “volunteers” are needed to explore.

How this is handled is very unusual: I really enjoy sftting campaigns, but this supplement makes the heroic campaign work really well. Certainly we felt that way when we played in the Neverwinter Game Day and discovered one of the PCs had this ability. Do you know if there is a readily available Key for locations in Neverwinter? Here’s my review of the book. The book is quite interesting in its approach: And that’s no fault of the book, it almost makes me want to use it, but not quite.


I will probably continue that campaign in Neverwinter thereafter and expect I will continue using the Neverwinter Campaign Setting a lot. Though the Aboleth Sovereignty is pretty scary as well. The chasm happened during the Eruption of mount Hotenow I think.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, City of Greyhawk Campaign Setting a la Neverwinter? Locations of the Setting Apart from the descriptions of options available to the heroes and for their allies and opponents, the other third of the book is devoted to looking at locations in Neverwinter and the surrounding wilderness.

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WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM

So, a Bladesinger might hit with his longsword and deal additional radiant damage and inflict a penalty to hit on the creature. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Honestly their are a lot of cool things in the place.

Subraces of dwarves and elves are also back with this book, as long-established in the Forgotten Realms. This section also touches on the nation of Thay, whose intrigues have such an impact on Neverwinter.

5E Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4e to 5e) – Page 2

Other Factions in the Wood: Having the rift lead to Evernight sounds like a fun option. Originally Posted by Nebulous.

The Bladesinger is mostly a melee character, using Intelligence as their attack score, but they can cast spells through their blade. I love having big tactile handouts like that, and the players appreciate it too, it becomes far more immersive. When this is the case, feel free to substitute any other statistics more in keeping with your sense of the campaign. However, the Bladesinger also gains a selection of daily powers which are wizard encounter powers. In the Shadowfell, the volcanic unrest that devastated Neverwinter never stopped: Primarily they use basic attacks and special at-will attacks that are added to the basic attack known as bladespells.

  BC807 40 PDF

I’m thinking that i could just have Mt.

That big crevice on settinh map is interesting. Friday, 9th September, However, the book is relatively mechanics light. Hotenow have a second eruption, not the one that destroyed Thundertree, but I already established a long while back that there’s a volcano in the area. You nrverwinter to choose slight variants on your racial abilities, and descriptions and roleplaying tips are given neverwiner each subrace.

Helm’s Hold is not a sanatorium for the spellscarred IMC – it’s actually Gardmore Abbey from the 4E adventure – and I found the book still very useful. The fact you have to wait till 7th level EK fighter or 14th level Valor bard in 5e to do the same thing was disappointing to me. Rather more exciting are the new domains for the warpriest and, as a result, new powers for the cleric.

I find this an inspirational setting, which aids settibg DM and players in creating a campaign with all the elements of a superior RPG experience. These ones are linked specifically to a deity and suggestions of domains for other deities are also given. A long time ago, I was a Forgotten Realms fan.

That book is chock full of ideas, I mean it is really, really, really packed full of stuff. Results 1 to 10 of There are also discussions of what happens if certain important individuals die and also suggestions for what each group might do.

These are listed in handy tables.