Vélizy, January 31, – Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has delivered the first production-standard main landing gear shipset for the Airbus AM. File:AM landing gear Pjpg. From Wikimedia English: Landing gear system of the Airbus AM. Date, 20 Safran Landing Systems. Usage on . The AM is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available. This includes landing on frontline air bases, landing on (provisory) gras and sand.

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Retrieved 23 March The AM landign airlift in its large cargo hold most of the critical armed forces equipment which do not fit anymore in previous generation tactical airlifters such as a heavy helicopter or an heavy infantry fighting vehicle or an heavy humanitarian excavator.

AM completed 10, hours of development flight testing. Like other Airbus aircraft, the AM has a full glass cockpit.

Airbus A400M Atlas

Archived 28 June at the Wayback Machine. Production of the gar AM. Discover the arrival of the wings in San Pablo. Discover the Implementing Mixer in Bremen.

Engine problems prevent AM flying at show. The UK reduced its order from 25 to 22 aircraft and Germany from 60 to 53, decreasing the total order geat to This includes landing on frontline air bases, landing on provisory gras and sand strip but also the delivery of paratroopers or palets by air drop. Retrieved 27 July The Aviationist a40m0, 2 January Archived 2 December at the Wayback Machine.

Archived 7 September at the Wayback Machine.

AM Future Large Aircraft – FLA

AM reborn as ‘Atlas’. SWP Comments, 26 February Flying faster and higher, can respond more rapidly to crises, because greater distances can be flown in a one crew duty day.

  ISO 9956-2 PDF

Since no existing turboprop engine in the western world was powerful enough to reach the projected cruise speed of Mach 0.

Download all figures 0. The pair of propellers on each wing of the AM turn in opposite directionswith the tips of the propellers advancing from above towards the midpoint between the two engines. Archived 24 October at the Wayback Machine. In addition to its Europrop EPI TP Turboprops, which are less sensitive to ingestions than jet engines, the AM is fitted with a twelve-wheel main landing gear and an efficient absorption of shock-loads into the airframe structure for operations from stone, gravel or sand strips, and is designed to minimize risk of foreign object damage.

Fraunhofer Archived 31 July at the Wayback Machine. The AM has a classic high wing configuration, fuselage with ramp and large rear door, high flotation retractable landing gear and “T” tail. Once airborne, the crew contacted air traffic controllers just before the crash about a technical failure, [] [] before colliding with an electricity pylon while attempting an emergency landing.

AM model Farnborough Airshow — Airbus exhibit stand. Powered by four unique counter-rotating Europrop International EPI TP turboprop powerplants, the AM offers a wide flight envelope in terms of both speed and altitude. You may select the license of your choice.

The AM combines the capability to carry strategic loads with the ability to deliver even into landlng locations with small and unprepared airstrips. Archived from the original on 18 December Thanks to its unique short landing characteristics, the AM is the only large airlifter that can fly equipment and personnel directly to the site of action, where these materials are urgently needed.


Personnel and troops It can accommodate fully equipped troops or paratroops, seated in four longitudinal rows: Following the withdrawal of Italy and revision of procurement totals the revised requirement was for aircraft, with first flight in and first delivery in These parts include most of the wing, with, for the first time in history, composite main spars. This eliminates the need to have two different “handed” engines on stock for the same aircraft, simplifying maintenance and supply costs.

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Discover the joining of the wings in San Pablo. Discover Hydraulic lines in Stade.

File:A400M landing gear P1220828.jpg

Retrieved 18 January Wall Street Journal2 December Major assemblies built at other facilities abroad were brought to the Seville facility by Airbus Beluga transporters.

The AM can also carry personnel, or paratroops. With its minimal infra-red signature EPI TP turboprops, highly responsive fly-by-wire lahding controls, four independent control computers, comprehensive defensive aids, and damage tolerant controls, the AM is hard to find, hard to hit landiing hard to kill. It also reduces yaw in the event of an outboard engine failure.

Photography taken at the Paris Air Show Tactical Airlift Mission Capability Tactical airlift describes the transport and delivery of personel and goods directly into theatres of operation.