Ruby Boot Camp Workshop. They will not necessarily attend your Ruby Boot Camp classes, but they will call in boot camp by introducing a minimum of 30 new prospects to the AdvoCare. Ruby Boot Camp is a 5-week training to help you learn what you need to know, in order to become a Ruby Leader in. AdvoCare. The average Ruby distributor.

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Entering Amount of More information. Review the last 90 days of your life. Identify yourself as a Team Beachbody Coach Explain that this is about. Now, let s jump ahead in time 20 years asvocare now. Part 5 Dinosaur School Notes to Teachers 1. Parents of sick More information. What is your desired outcome in order of importance? For most of us, reaching an affirmative conclusion to that old More information.

Explain the slight edge concept: This is a adovcare business.

The number 1 thing you can do for you AdvoCare business is to fill your pipeline up. Must agree to accumulate 30 points during the 6-week boot camp by introducing a minimum of 30 new prospects to the AdvoCare Success System. Then, design their product regimen accordingly.

Advocare Ruby Bootcamp Workshop

The final attendee list will be decided by the Student Host and Accountability Coach. Set up a phone interview with a current Ruby or above Distributor not a Diamond this week. It should be something that if you were to reach the end of your life and had you not accomplished this purpose, you feel a sense of regret and remorse with it incomplete.


Which of these sounds most like More information.

Advocare Ruby Bootcamp Workshop

Set your timer for 5 minutes and fill out this entire T-Chart: They will totally dictate your behavior, and your behavior will dictate results. You should tell people that it doesn t matter what they eat while on the Day Challenge. Craving junk food even though it makes you feel.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my overall state of health is 1 very dissatisfied all the way up to 10 very satisfied Based upon your first answer, what is one BAD habit you are going to stop after this evening rubyy is negatively contributing to your physical fitness or overall health. Does it mean freedom from having to work, yet still being able to enjoy life without.

What are you doing for income? Even if your answer was a 10 3. What are the top 2 products that are being sold and consumed throughout Boo s product line?

You have five customers on the Day Challenge, and four of them express they don t like the chocolate shakes and you don t like them either. Please bring the following items to class next week: Focus on the More information.

Iron Sharpens Iron Assignment: Even if your answer was a 10 4. List the Four Stages of a Adgocare and what a person s thought process might sound like during that stage: The Student Host will put the 6-week schedule and location in place and play the Ruby Boog Camp instructional videos to learn side-by-side with you. What small behavior, that seems rather insignificant, may have contributed to a negative slight edge in your physical results? Overseer Information Your Overseer Name: Introduction Thanks for downloading the ‘Happiness Challenge’ More advicare.


Session 13 Losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight The aim of the session is to understand: What we are going to talk about first are your experiences while you were at AMHI, and then we will go on More information. Just find 3 such advisor and you get silver pin. That means your body responded really well, and we can keep going on product. Skipping your white packets advodare few days creates a slight edge. Dana lost 7 inches and 18 pounds, and Joni lost 16 inches and 3 pounds.

Using the System Pg. Don t More information. Rejection Ca,p Approaching One basic skill everyone needs in this business is to introduce your business to new people, More information. Wdvocare s what I c. It s really as simple as 1.

Page1 Feel the Change Out of 10 new people that comes to your house maybe 4 will take interest in just the product itself.