Table of Contents: The non-contemporaneity of Althusser / Etienne Balibar; Althusser’s solitude / Gregory Elliott; What is living and what is dead in the. why should one reconsider the work of Althusser? What could be a justifi- cation for an attempt to return to Althusser? Reading The Althusserian. Legacy, one. Louis Althusser remained until his death in the most controversial of the The Althusserian Legacy is the first collective attempt to draw up a balance sheet .

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Althusser argues that Marx’s thought has been fundamentally misunderstood and underestimated.

E. Ann Kaplan & Michael Sprinker (eds.), The Althusserian Legacy – PhilPapers

For Althusser, the economic practice of a society determines which other formation of that society dominates the society as a whole. Althusser is commonly referred to as althsuserian Structural Marxistalthough his relationship to other schools of French structuralism is not a simple affiliation and he was critical of many aspects of structuralism.

Spinoza and Althusser Against Hermeneutics: An Althusser Studies Journal”, edited by Montag.

Account Options Sign in. Philosophy Economic determinism Historical materialism Marx’s method Philosophy of nature.

The Althusserian Legacy

Macdonald and Evans, The Althusserian Legacy is the first collective attempt to draw up a balance sheet, not on Althusser alone but on the questions that his work helped to bring to the forefront of Marxist theory.

Upon hearing this call, the person responds by turning around and in doing so, is transformed into a subject. A full translation was published in New Left Books, Lewis affirmed, “Althusser had known only home, school, and P. From Althusser to ‘Regulation Theory’. Jasmin Singh 27 August An analysis understood in terms of interdependent levels and practices helps us to conceive of how society is organized, but also permits us to comprehend social change and thus provides a theory of history.


Althusser’s Marx, Althusser’s Lacan. Spinoza and his Contemporaries and the Unthinkable Swift. Desire mounted in me, we made love on the bed, it was new, exciting, exalting, and violent. A Review of Michael Peters and P. Retrieved 14 April Sur la philosophie in French.

In retrospect, Althusser’s continuing importance and influence can be seen through his students. Diefenbach, Katja; Farris, Sara R. Notes Toward an Investigation “, [] establishes the concept of ideology.

The introduction to his collection For Marx proposes a great “epistemological break” between Marx’s early writings —45 and his later, properly Marxist texts, [] borrowing a term from the philosopher of science Gaston Bachelard. Grahame Lock and Ben Brewster London: And no doubt in my confusion and unconsciousness I ‘did her this service,’ which she did not try to prevent, but from which she died.

Althusser suffered from schizophrenia [] and bipolar disorderand because of it he had frequent bouts of depression that started in and became regular after his five-year stay in German captivity. Although Althusser insists that there was an epistemological break, [] he later states that its occurrence around is not clearly defined, as traces of humanism, historicism, and Hegelianism are found in Capital.

Louis Althusser

For Marx a collection of works published between and and Reading Capital in collaboration with some of his studentslegach published inbrought international fame to Althusser. Perhaps only now, more than a decade after his active intellectual life has come to a close, is it possible to render sound, just judgments on the meaning and significance of this much-debated body of work. The Philosophy of Structuralism and Post-Structuralism. And yet I know that this is a strangled woman. It was a crime of mystical love”.

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What is certain is that Althusserian themes and motifs continue to constitute a vital region in materialist thought. Sign in Create an account. Althusser’s life was marked by periods of intense mental illness.

The Non-Contemporaneity of Althusser. Politics and History” translation appears in Politics and History: Archived from the original on September 24, Consequently, Marx’s Capital has greater explanatory power than does political economy because it provides both a model of the economy and a description of the structure and development of a whole society.

I stand up and scream: The ‘subject-form’ is actually the form of the historical existence of every individual, of every agent of social practices. A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry 7 Althusser and His Influence. First, the philosopher had legitimated the current of thought judged responsible for the Gulag ; second, he praised the Chinese Cultural Revolution as an alternative to both capitalism and Stalinism; and finally because he had, it was said, corrupted the elite of French youth by introducing the cult of a criminal ideology into the heart of one of the best French institutions.

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