NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. Throughout KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book Under Golitsyn’s original understanding, as presented in New Lies for Old. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Steve said: Written Anatoliy Golitsyn. ยท Rating.

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The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West goliteyn on verification.

New Lies for Old: Anatoliy Golitsyn: : Books

Lenin believed that this fundamentally aggressive and ideological policy could prove effective if it was accompanied by the systematic use of misrepresentation and deception, or, to use the current word, PATTERNS: Public exposure of the Stalinist methods used by Khrushchev to gain personal power, coupled with renewed denunciations of secret police repression and a public trial of the KGB chairman, Serov, would have led to popular demands for further changes.

The different personalities and policies of the pretenders affected the course of de-Stalinization. Western Sources The main Western sources of information on communist countries are: But enough has been said to indicate that the entire Soviet intelligence potential was used to carry out operations in support of the first phase of the new long-range bloc policy; the same can be said of the intelligence potential of the other countries of the communist bloc.

While working in its headquarters he attended evening classes at the University of Marxism-Leninism, from which he graduated in It is fair to say that the foundations of Soviet heavy and military industry were laid in the s with American, British, Czechoslovak, and, after the Treaty of RapalloGerman help. In the absence of a settled and consistent policy, it is not surprising that there should have been no centrahzed disinformation department in Soviet intelligence during the period.

Significantly the Soviet authorities chose to publish for the first time, between and in the fifth edition of Lenin’s works, some of his documents relating to the NEP period and the use of disinformation, in particular in his correspondence with his commissar for foreign affairs, Chicherin. The manner of solving such a crisis in a communist system is normally arbitrary and authoritarian. Set up a giveaway. Left to itself, it would either disintegrate or come to terms with the capitalist system.

Frankly, it’s quiet frightening, and if this was’nt bad enough news, don’t count on our own autorities to do anything about it. The political, military, and economic strength of the so-called monolith was grossly exaggerated in communist propaganda, the main vehicle for disinformation.

De-Stalinization was the obvious course, goljtsyn an account must now be given of how it was put into effect after Stalin’s death.


From the beginning Department D was subordinate to the Central Committee apparatus, which defined its requirements and objectives. Communism had completely failed; ideology was dead; the present leaders had nothing in common with the fanatical revolutionaries of the past. In he was elected to be forr deputy secretary of the party organization in the KGB residency in Vienna, numbering seventy officers.

Stalin’s instruction of December on the reactivation of Abatoliy intelligence abroad was canceled, lest it should compromise the impact of the new moderation in Soviet foreign policy. Valuable information was also provided by former leading communists or communist agents, such as Souvarine, Jay Lovestone, Borkenau, Chambers, and Bentley. The “secret” communist sources are the occasional, often retrospective, leakages or disclosures by the communist side, sometimes in documentary form, of information that has earher been treated as secret.

New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

The KGB under Serov, he said, had become a very effective police organization that, with its widespread net of informers and agents throughout the country, had successfully detected and controlled opposition elements among the population as well as agents of Western intelligence services. All of this was intended to induce the belief in the outside world that the communist system was weak and losing its revolutionary ardor.

Shelepin was appointed chairman of the KGB in December Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Gllitsyn of Bolshevism waned. Given the scale of operation of the communist security services, it is impossible for a citizen of a communist country to remain for any length of time in unauthorized contact with a foreigner.

Before any religious sectarian strife, first there would have been massive reprisals against the reviled Communists who implemented policies to wipe out religion in Yugoslavia. However, incredibly brilliant when you grasp lids concepts of Deception golitdyn Disinformation.


Revolts occurred in Georgia, Poland, and Hungary. It referred to Stalin not as an outstanding leader, but simply as “Stalin, 1.

Steven Montgomery rated it really liked it Mar 28, Convincingly evaluated many world events from the Written in the s by a KGB defector who claimed that long term USSR disinformation strategy against the west was comprised of several thrusts, including: The aims of disinformation at this time were to conceal from the West the dimensions of the internal crisis in the communist world, to blur the differences in policy of nww contenders for the succession, to hide the savagery of the struggle, and to misrepresent the process of de-Stalinization.

The NEP was officially ended oold Stalin in with what was called “a socialist offensive on all fronts.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

He details the history, how the communists used it, gives historical examples and helps one understand the problem we face every day. The interception and decoding of communications can provide valuable information, provided that the possibility of disinformation is always kept in mind and properly assessed. Luiz rated it really liked it Sep 20, In order to gain and exploit temporary, tactical political allies and to avoid alarming them, efforts are made to conceal or understate the actual strength and aggressiveness of communism.


In the past, communist theory and practice in such matters as the seizure of power, the abuse and destruction of democratic institutions, the suppression of personal liberty, and the use of terror provoked a militant response from social democrats, which led to a deepening gulf between socialist and communist parties and a split in the international labor movement. Furthermore, given the depth of the crisis in the communist world and the intensity of the struggle for power in the Soviet leadership, if those changes had been pursued, they might have developed a momentum of their own and brought about a radical transformation of Soviet society liees of the wishes of their initiators and with incalculable consequences for the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist and noncom-munist world.

The Potekmen Village all golutsyn again. Department D When Shelepin created the new disinformation department, De- partment D, in Januaryhe ensured that its work would be coordinated with anatoluy other disinformation services of the party and government machine: The national units of the Georgian and Armenian troops in the local military district were disarmed and demobilized in one night.

Democratic governments tend to be anatooiy disinclined or unprepared to take advantage of crises in other countries that they may or may not regard as adversaries.

The successful concealment of internal crisis can be illustrated by the handling of information on events in Georgia.

They can also use for disinformation purposes the facilities of their intelligence and security services, which operate on a scale and with an immunity unparalleled in the Nnew. While working on the book he continued to bring to the attention of American and other Western authorities his views on the issues considered in it, and in allowed American and British officials to read the manuscript as it then stood. On Khrushchev’s order the special troops were put on the streets, with orders to fire on the mew.

Communist disinformation operations abatoliy controlled at the highest level of government. He had been adviser to the Hungarian security service from toand then had worked in the counterintelligence directorate in headquarters as head of the department responsible for the surveillance of immigrants and repatriates.

Western expectations were later to be rudely shattered. Golitsyn claimed after his defection that the Note Crisis of was an operation masterminded by president Urho Kekkonen of Finland together with the Soviets to ensure Kekkonen’s re-election. Some refugee information is affected by emotionalism.