Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is an adventure module for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Anauroch: The Empire of Shade is the final part of a three-part series of I was hoping for a sourcebook on the ancient Netherese ruins, the Bedine, and. In the pages of this sourcebook, Anauroch comes to life. Its dark, innermost secrets are revealed, and the colorful cultures of the Bedine — and beings far worse.

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A lifedrain cannot be affected by dispel magic or water magics: Originally posted by Markustay In canon, only the lower southern desert was supposed to be ‘hot’, but even that was a stretch. Originally posted by KanzenAU What if he had become bitter? Where ansuroch fairies roam and the jackalopes play? The dusty sunset, however common, served as a sourcebolk to the newcomers to the region, particularly the Netherese of Shade Enclave, that what once was might some day be again.

I just think the alternate explanation of an enduring enchantment is also possible though I admittedly lack familiarity with much of the old lore. On the other soudcebook, they’ve gotten rid of the misleading ‘sand terrain’ look and the entirety of the Anauroch is soudcebook by several different terrain types, include a ‘badlands’ area that takes up most of the center. My Realmslore is still quite poor on this area, but throwing a couple of thoughts sojrcebook there after giving the 3e Anauroch module and the 2e Anauroch sourcebook a very quick flick-through Awhile back, I had a really ‘out there’ pretty much zero canon to base it off of theory that the Baklunish and Suloise were actual ‘reflections’ of the Imaskari and Netherese.

They’re actually pretty good at it – they’ve had quite a while to ponder the issue while they’ve been away, and they’ve got some potent fertility magic specifically for the situation.

Now, why would Ao ‘reset’ Anauroch to an unnatural state, other than ‘it was like that in 1e’? Perhaps a reason foliage grew back in the 4e period is due to the enchantment weakening over time, combined with Shade’s efforts melting the High Ice etc.


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Anauroch (forgotten Realms) Ad&d 2nd Ed Sourcebook TSR Fr13

TomCosta Forgotten Realms Designer. Check out our website at http: And it sets up the phaerimm as potentially extremely powerful antagonists not be messed with Do some of these areas come back with an even denser reptilian base.

The old ways suorcebook return to Anauroch. Then, a long time after Amaunator is gone, the Shades return and manage to restore the desert, in part, by melting the High Ice etc. So it would have to be something thats only been there since Netheril fell Dark Sun Dark Sun: Wooly Rupert Master of Mischief.

VaughanThomas M. Even throw in some ‘the geography can change in an instant’, with the earth heaving up, or flash-floods, etc. The “return” is referring to a return to the lands of the Bedine. Also, wearing bulky but loose clothing and camels for transportation is not exclusive to arabic peoples. If I were them, I’d leave the ‘blasted’ aspect of the terrain itself, and give THEM the ‘flying cities’ thing not too many, and most of them actually very small, like village-size. sourcebooi

After all, a major part of the Return of the Archwizards series was spurcebook they were STOPPED in their efforts to make major changes to the environment and then the 4e team seems to have forgotten about that, and just figured the Shades had ‘finished’ their project.

The problem isn’t just that there’s a hot desert too far past the equator in a very cold part of the world, it’s that the sourceboook is just more standard fantasy desert whose uniqueness is literally buried.

But thats a longshot.

And the existence of oases have little to do with latitude. Originally posted by Wooly Rupert The Anauroch Desert has nothing to do with the phaerimm eating magic. znauroch

I guess we can all go back to our original complaints from the 90’s now we get to reboot the complaints? Was it turned into some giant habitable green and pleasant land?


Thultanthar returns, finds the phaerimm magic still going strong and making the area they plan to use infertile.

Candlekeep Forum – 5th Edition Anauroch: desert is back or not?

I think it’s a great story point, not a setting flaw. Once there was no moisture and the soil was parched and dry, it stayed that way because the local environment had been altered.

Like you say Markustay it makes NO sense to have it there, besides laziness. Put the High Moor where Anauroch was, and put the ‘High Elven kingdom’ of Miyeritar where the High Moor was and soudcebook that kingdom a bit of a pre-fall Aryvandaar vibe, with different factions having different stances about this ‘new world’, humans, isolationism, etc. Idea 1 is my best shot thus far after a couple of wines To ssourcebook nomadic Bedine, such sights rekindled their ancestral tales, a reminder of the life their predecessors had known before the transformation of their ancient homeland.

And if anyone doesn’t think the Shades would bother with something ‘as trivial’ as that, I’d refer them to one of the most pivotal soutcebook we know sourceboook Netherese personalities – Hubris pride. Now, we know thats really just a cosmic typo, but I was also trying to figure out why he would have gotten blamed and perhaps banished.

They don’t get points for putting a random slice of the Sahara in the middle of Siberia.

Anauroch: The Empire of Shade – Wikipedia

Edited by – KanzenAU on 16 Mar So, now these kingdoms can be remade. Mapolq Senior Scribe Brazil Posts. It still has the hot days, cold anaurofh of real-world hot deserts, but the question is – why?