The provisions of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a unique feature of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, After filing the written statement, the. Law Analysis. Analysis of Artha Rin Adalat Ain (ARAA) Matters covered by this statute, its scope and jurisdiction of Artha Rin Adalat. View Test Prep – Business Low from ORGANIZATI 01 at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Summary of Artha Rin Adalat Ain ” In our legal system.

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THE ARTHA RIN AIN, – Amjonota Blog

In the result, the appeal is disposed of without however any order as to cost. Matters covered 203 this statute, its scope and jurisdiction of Artha Rin Adalat: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Therefore, the High Court Division rightly set aside those orders which were passed by the learned Judge-in-Charge who was holding the rank of Additional District Xdalat but part of the impugned Order No.

For example, House Building, Transport Loan etc. The following kind of Loans can be recovered under this Act as defined in Section 2 of the Act: It refers to small credit specially credit for the poor, agriculture, rural development, women empowerment and other types of credit for poverty alleviation.

It also appears that the Adalat rejected the applications for dismissing the execution cases on the ground that since there is no indication in the Ain, for disposal of the execution cases filed under the Ain, the Code of Civil Procedure shall be applicable relating to those execution cases.

Questions about this product. No visa ban for Bangladesh nationals in UAE. The provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure shall be applicable in the execution suit so far as they are not contradicting with the provisions of the Ain. Sections 33 and 34 —.

Analysis of Artha Rin Adalat Ain (ARAA)

Such investigation is dispensed with only when the court considers the claim or objection was designedly or unnecessarily delayed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your irn here The petitioner can only get any relief if, and only if, the petitioner did not have any knowledge as to the exparte decree or as to the Jari Case. Provisions of section 34 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, that the law provides for simple civil imprisonment of the judgment-debtor to compel to make the payment for satisfaction of the decree and is not an alternative punishment in lieu of payment of the decretal amount.


Please call me at the given contact number. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers! Section 17 1 2 of the Ain albeit provided time limit to conclude the trial firstly within 90 days if not; extend the period for further period of 30 days, if not concluded within the aforesaid period; the Ain does not provide any consequential effect or procedure or resulting use of the suit and, as such, the time limit as provided under section 17 1 2 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain is not mandatory as it has no consequential effect or arthx use laid down in the Act itself even if the suit is not disposed of within the time limit.

This is apparent from the preamble of this statute given at the very beginning of this Act prior to section 1 and also from the section 5.


The Adalat by exercising its discretion under order XXI, rule and of the Code entertained the application and after artua of possession of the schedule property to the petitioner-auction-purchaser, the Adalat has not become functus-officio.

Section 6 1 —. Loans on agricultural sector repayable within 12 months are included in this category of loan. In consequence thereof the economic adlat of the country was going to be paralyzed. SECTION 19 The defendant may file an application for setting aside the ex parte decree within 30 days from the day passing of the ex parte decree or from the day when the defendant come to know about the ex parte decree.

Sections 20 and 41 —. June 15, at 6: The decree for realisation of money was passed on as per provision of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, The normal steps for a civil suit that are to be followed for cases under Artha Rin Adalat Ain are: Civil 1 LNJ Beheaded body of youth found in suitcase.

In the facts and circumstances of the case and in the interest of justice, the Fourth Artha Rin Adalat which now holds the property must dispose of both execution cases under section 27 of the Ain. Regards M N Alam Books are our best companies because books can keep us productively engaged.

You told that you have cash capital but for huge investment, you are willing to take loan. So, from this provision it appears that the execution case has been proceeding in accordance with law. The judge shall play co-operative role with a view to settle the dispute on the basis of cooperation, sympathy and mutual understanding in a informal, non-contesting, non-obligatory and confidential environment.


Section 33 7 — Going through the provision laid down in Article 42 and 31 of the Constitution but it appears that there is no scope to say that the provision laid in section 33 7 in any way is found to be inconsistent the provision laid down in the Constitution and hence there is no merit in the Rule in that Count.

Section 6 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, or for that matter Section 20 of Ain, create a bar in proceeding with a subsequent suit making a prayer for setting-aside an ex-parte decree even on the ground of fraud or even with a prayer for another declaration for the Power of Attorney and Memorandum of Deposit of Title Documents as forged, fabricated and false rather the only remedy available for the opposite-party No.

Moreover, the time limit fixed by section 37 of the Ainfor disposal of execution case within days being “directory” not “mandatory”, as decided in Writ Petition No. Artha rin adalat pdf download http6dtco code. However, if there is any irregularity in the sale, then the defendant can claim damages from the financial institution [section 12 8 of ARAA].

Section 26 of the Ain of has expressly debarred application of the provisions of other statutes including the Code of Civil Procedure pending execution proceedings so far it is inconsistent with the provisions of the Ain of Moazzam Husain J dissenting.

As part our market expansion we are exporting books to India and the United Kingdom and this programme will cover some other countries in future. Anwar Hossain and A. Act VIII of The financial institution has to request the defendant in written form for the transfer.

After selling the property in question, if the financial institution fails to make delivery of possession to the purchaser, it can take recourse to the District Magistrate and the District Magistrate or his nominated Magistrate of the First Class upon satisfaction of mortgage against debt, shall rih necessary step to transfer the possession of the property to the concerned purchaser on behalf of the Financial Institution.

Disseminate the knowledge of this blog among your known-faces. You arthw commenting using your WordPress. Artha Rin Adalat Ain is a special law providing special provisions to combat different situations.