In his new book, Arvind Subramanian presents the following possibilities: What if, contrary to common belief, China’s economic dominance is a present-day. China could soon eclipse the US but it would be quite wrong to assume In this challenging new study, Arvind Subramaniam of the Peterson. To Arvind Subramanian, a joint-fellow at the Peterson Institute and the Center for Global Development, it’s more like economic inevitability – a world in which the.

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Subramanian compares the economic dominance of China with that of the two previous economic superpowers–the United States and the United Kingdom–and highlights similarities and differences.

In this respect, this book is a very informative and readable work for those who wish to understand monetarism, rather than just another book on China’s rise. Want to Read saving…. Paired comparison is problematic as well, since it is easy to think of numerous factors that can confound comparison between the two.

Contents Selected chapters and sections are provided for preview only. As he says, it may be more China’s to gain than the US to lose, comparing the current China vs.

One corollary is that the fundamentals are strong for the Chinese currency to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. All prices, titles, and availability dates are subject to change without notice. As long as there is reason to believe that this is the case, it is virtually impossible that investors will view China as they have viewed the US at least until very recently.


Joshua rated it really liked it Feb 26, On the whole, a very academic book, who’s only flaw is perhaps that it reads like a PhD Dissertation that wasn’t properly converted into book format, but that is not to detract from it’s outstanding merit, namely being a very effective study of Monetarism more than anything else. Antoni Yanev rated it really liked it Nov 10, Eclipse must be eclipsee for a refreshing and deep analysis of what may lie ahead. Subramanian is a first-class economist who uses his book to discuss provocatively U.

Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China’s Economic Dominance by Arvind Subramanian

Facing Up to Low Productivity Growth. I’m not the most fervent “quant,” but even I know that extrapolating from a single data point is hugely problematic. He dismisses the fact that China faces a number of domestic and international challenges that are no less critical than those facing the US. Anunay Sahay rated it really liked it Oct 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Its dominance and eclipsing of US global economic power is more imminent, more broad-based and larger in magnitude than anyone has anticipated. The economic policies and national objectives Beijing sets subramainan constantly meets coupled with the controlled growth trends gets China there.

China’s seemingly never ceasing growth trajectory continues to daze most observers. This book is one heavy dose of economics. Does anyone doubt that if forced to choose eclispe retaining power and promoting economic openness, the Chinese Communist Party will choose the former every time?


Preface Acknowledgments Introduction 1.

Be a global citizen.

Refresh and try again. By most accounts, China has quickly grown into the second largest economy in the world. A Brief History of Economic Dominance. Preview — Eclipse by Arvind Subramanian. Diagnosis of Economic Cooperation with a Rising China 9. It persuasively underlines the need for Washington to get its act together.

Allison rated it it was ok Nov 03, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. To ask other readers questions about Eclipseplease sign up.

In this respect, the book does not so much read like Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun, rather it reads more closely like a work by Barry Eichengreen or Paul Krugman who are both frequently referenced. Alex Melton rated it it was amazing Jun 26, An interesting but ultimately unsatisfying thought experiment in how China could unseat the US as the world’s dominant economic superpower.

Mauricio Santoro rated it liked it Oct 26, Honestly, I feel bad for having entered the giveaway for it because somebody else could have appreciated it more.