E. Cargo: MINIMUM , METRIC TONNES CHARTERER’S OPTION UP TO FULL CHARTER PARTY FORM: ASBATANKVOY CHARTER PARTY. 5. Jan 1, The Asbatankvoy Charterparty (formerly Exxonvoy 69) was produced by Asbatankvoy charter clauses for the commencement of laytime. ASBATANKVOY. TANKER VOYAGE CHARTER PARTY. PREAMBLE. Place. Date. IT IS THIS DAY AGREED between Messrs. chartered owners/ owner.

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In the event of any proceedings being commenced against you or any of your servants or agents in connection with the delivery of the cargo as aforesaid to provide you or them on demand with sufficient funds to defend the same.

Vessel to tender Notice of Readiness upon arrival waiting location and time to count after expiry of 6 hours notice time with all laytime provisions and exceptions to apply as per Charter Party. The oil residues will be pumped ashore at the loading or discharging terminal, either as segregated oil, dirty ballast or co-mingled with cargo as it is possible for Charterers to arrange.

Such supervisor shall be arranged and paid for by the Owner. Ship’s figures in metric tonnes and barrels. Any premiums, or increases thereto, attributable to closure i. Until such time as the arbitrators finally close the hearings either party shall have the right by written notice served on the arbitrators and on an officer of the other party to specify further disputes or differences under this Charter for hearing and determination.

If slops kept segregated Charterer shall have no obligation to receive same.

Asbatankvoy Charter Party

If requested by Charterer, Owner agrees that the Vessel will perform a vessel to vessel lighterage operation asbatankvpy anchorage or underway off any port in the discharge port range as per Part I of this Charter Party, in which event, Charterer asbztankvoy provide the lighterage Vessel, mooring master, fenders, hoses and all other equipment necessary for a safe operation. However, Charterer shall always remain responsible for the fulfillment of this Charter in all its terms and conditions.

Operation to be always weather permitting and subject to Master’s approval. In that event, however, deadfreight shall be paid at chwrter rate specified in Part I hereof on the difference between the intake quantity and the quantity the Vessel would have carried if loaded to her minimum permissible freeboard for her voyage. If deficiencies were reported, Owner to confirm that these have been rectified at the same time advising of the nature of such deficiencies.



On a voyage to a port or ports in: Such additional premiums and expenses that are for Charterer’s account are payable by charterers together with freight against owner’s’ invoice supported by appropriate documents.

If such documents are not available then such additional premiums and expenses shall be settled not later than 2 weeks after receipt by Charterer from Owner’s invoice and appropriate supporting documents. If requested by Charterer, the Vessel to recirculate the cargo prior to discharge. The liability of each and every person under this indemnity shall be joint and several and shall not be conditional upon your proceeding first against any person, whether or not such person is party to or liable under this indemnity.

Owner warrants that the Vessel is in all respects eligible under applicable conventions, laws and regulations for trading to the ports and places specified in Part I C and D and that she shall have on board for inspection by the appropriate authorities all certificates, records, compliance letters, contingency plans and other documents required for such service, including, but not limited to Certificates of Financial of Responsibility for Oil Pollution.

For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that if the vessel is bound to enter an excluded area in order to arrive at the loadport, or if the vessel will have to steam away from the discharge port in order to leave an excluded area then the additional premiums and bonuses payable by Charterers shall include those payable from the time the vessel passes into the excluded area inward bound to the loadport and until the time the vessel passes out of the excluded area outward bound from the discharge port calculated at normal speeds and prudent navigation.

It is nevertheless understood that the Master is responsible for the safe operation of the Vessel notwithstanding the presence chartrr such supervisor. In the event that the Vessel stays in war risk area for a prolonged period in excess initial period solely for Owner’s purposes including bunkeringwar risk asbatankkvoy same excess period to be for Owner’s account. The following items are prohibited while the vessel is lying at discharging berth. July 1in Korea. Laytime, or time on demurrage, if on demurrage shall commence six 6 hours after receipt of Notice of Readiness by Charterer or when first lightering vessel is safely moored alongside, whichever occurs first, and shall partty when Vessel heaves up anchor to proceed to berth.



November 3in Korea. The Charterer shall not be liable for any demurrage for delay caused by strike, lockout, stoppage or restraint of labor for Master, officers and crew cuarter the Vessel or tugboat or pilots. The Vessel, her Master and Owner shall not, unless otherwise in this Charter expressly provided, be responsible for any loss or damage, or delay partt failure in performing hereunder, arising or resulting from: No deballasting operation of segregated ballast shall be carried out.

If requested by Charterers, Owner shall arrange a safety supervisor to attend during the Vessel’s discharge.

Changes in ETA of more than 12 hours and more than 2 hours last 2 days prior arrival to be advised without delay. All water separated to be discharged overboard. The Vessell shall not resume cargo operations until Charterer has directed Vessel to do so. Any premiums and increase thereto attributable to closure insurance i. Any discount or rebate refunded to owner for whatsoever reason shall be passed on to Charterer.

In ballasting dirty ballast, such an operation shall be carried out by the pump priming method or gravity one in the presence of the terminal representatives. However, Charterer shall have the option of ordering the Vesse lto the following destinations for wireless orders: Surcharges which are in effect on the date of this Charter Party are for Owner’s account. Should the Vessel not be ready to load by 4: