I know this letter comes at a strange moment, but letters circulate even after you , Mary Daly, about my long-standing engagement with Audre Lorde’s open. The following is an excerpt of another passage from Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider: essays and speeches. An Open Letter to Mary Daly May 6. Levitt presents a letter to Mary Daly to share her response to Audre Lorde’s open letter criticizing Daly’s Gyn/Ecology. She says Daly’s silence about Lorde’s.

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I believe everytime men and women work together for the common good, patriarchy is overturned. But I frequntly hear young feminists lerter that earlier white feminists were racists, sometimes mentioning Mary Daly as an example. So I appreciate that you did — Gracias: EP April 29, at 1: How could people throw Japanese Americans into internment camps? I had been thinking about you this weekend as the discussion on Daly carried on.

As I put this piece together my goal was to let Daly speak for herself and not offer too much commentary — but in doing so, clearly I left out important details.

Without our founding mothers, where would we be? Essays and Speeches Study Guide. And I look forward to reading what you have to say in detail. Though a full version does not exist online, you can read most of the letter on Google Books: There is only now and the hope of breaking the barriers between us — of constantly expanding the vision.

The Metaethics of Radical Feminism. And Audre Lorde is put to work so often by non-Black feminists who want to avoid the race question by chiding Black women for their divisiveness. And I look forward to more thinking and seeking after Justice in this wonderful space. She makes this very point in a February interview published in Off Our Backs: I know you had a close relationship with Daly and can appreciate that your personal connection with her made commenting difficult.


See Mary Daly’s reply to Audre Lorde: The way that feminists work with diversity and across borders of all kinds is so important.

When Mary realized that a copy existed, she was reluctant to publish it initially for fear of being labeled racist all over again. Is radical lesbian feminism going to be buried by patriarchal erasure? It is this depth within each of us that nurtures vision.

An Open Letter to Mary Daly | Audre Lorde ()

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Despite Daly’s silence, here we have an excellent example of feminists disagreeing on what feminism petter is. Notify me of new comments via email. View the Study Pack. It was published again in in the seminal women of color feminist anthology, This Bridge Called My Back: James Bliss has stacks of diploma-grade card stock from the University of Chicago and the University of California, Irvine.

Can patriarchy, a year old system, actually be overturned?

Lorde, Audre – “An Open Letter to Mary Daly” (6 May ) | WIST

But I think what makes this a little bit different is we as lesbian feminists struggle with patriarchal erasure. More adly and resources for teaching or studying Sister Outsider: I think we have to remember that there may have been a lot competition between all the major feminists of that day. Black Women, Hatred, and Anger.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Many of them moved me very deeply — others seemed farther from my own experience. Some Notes on Barriers to Women and Loving.

Mary Daly’s Letter to Audre Lorde

The Uses of Anger: This being said, you are correct that attention should be focused on the future and how to eradicate racism and all injustice. Notes from a Trip to Russia.

Writings by Radical Women of Color. Since I have a lot to do here, I had thought of just flying down Friday morning and returning that night.

A Biography of Audre Lorde []. It is obvious that you have done a tremendous amount of work for this book. Daly and Lorde were very different people.

View the Lesson Plans. Between the exchange of words and a real engagement. However, we had people we knew very little about. Just food for thought. It continues to be my judgment that public response valy kind would not be a fruitful direction.

Grace, thanks so much for sharing this additional info. To have access to the category is to already be a part of oetter human family which has understood itself for the whole of modernity as that which is not Black.

The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action. Thanks so much for the additional info — and I agree, what a terrific week of discussion!