It look a little different than I used in the tutorial because I added more parts in the 3D model Autodesk D – Intro to Sketches Video Series: First Sketch, and ( This one was prepared for D beta 4, everything pretty much similar to beta9.

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I’ll not use something from Autodesk that locks me into one of their egregious proprietary file formats.

Shane Bowman on December 10, Also like myself here are object designers as well who use Blender as part of the workflow. Thanks, but No thanks. I would not have discovered some of the interesting products sculptris otherwise and I also find that it can serve an interesting discussion board. I really need the income to keep this site running.

Yes, people here around are not only Blender-adicts, but also 3d-adicts. I thought that was changing.

Many of us are using tools to finish a job. I’ll try it again when more stable. I was less enthusiastic but still willing to download till I discovered the ridiculously large size of the program. And that’s why we all need to donate.

I hope this helps clear things up for you and the many others who have asked the same question Reply. Happy to be on blender side: From this point of view this new is not useless; it show that almost monopolistic companies are looking on how to maintain control on a specific target, with techniques that are very easy to spot. Jalik on June 6, For me Autodesk D is a solid testament to the fact that the company has understood the previous premise and as we can see from the Beta; they have decided to cripple their product and offer it for free to combat the trend of teenagers playing, then professionalising with Blender.


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You guys act really quite childish. This has been made before by Autodesk, you’ll sooner or later pay for the software, in some way. Stuff like this is actually useful for some of us. Maddes on June 6, Understanding blender and its limitations and the same for other software is something we should all keep an eye on.

Autodesk D beta – Free Solid modeling for Builders – BlenderNation

Biggest con so far: Interesting way to see faults where no problems are. It has brought some publicity, but most of all: The combination is so goddamn powerful that I am constantly playing with the idea of doing some commercial projects for a change in pace. And all what Irve said earlier. However they go one step further and also connect you with the rapid prototyping and 3D industry ranging from 3D printing to 2D laser cutting. This program bwta definitely autodsk free. There’s a lot of closed source software out there – doesn’t mean they’re bad though.

With a slower 3D card those options should be turned off to increase screen refresh rate. Really – why is this on Blendernation? In the end, it boils down to what you’re autoeesk to achieve.

D Apps & Products | Autodesk

Im no fanboy or activist, but I enjoyed the article even though I will never download or use it. Or game Max or whatever. This keeps us informed and we can use these softwares to improve tutorail existing workflow. I think d is qutodesk powerful in an area where Blender is still lacking: Over the past few years, millions of people have unlocked their creativity with the Autodesk D apps and community. I don’t see the interest to use this program as you can’t export to a Blender’s compatible format like OBJ.


I’m surprised, Autodesk is generally pretty evil. Tutoriak never would have thought they’d give something away free. PCB design and schematic software—available as Standard, Premium.

Use the same design software as top professionals around the world. None of the studios wants to be locked in to a closed format.

Autodesk 123D beta – Free Solid modeling for Builders

The only real problem with this program is that it is HIGHLY unlikely it will remain free as soon as it will become popular. By the way, as far as I know they’re also working on an OSX version. In product design we do exchange 3D data not in native application file formats but in exchange formats as long as both teams do not work with the same software.

To protect your email address, create an account on BlenderNation and log in when posting a message. And when you say “you guys” I don’t represent any group just me: I didn’t see any mention