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Bapdaea remaining in this awareness, you will adopt a powerful swaroop self form. That trace will not give rise to a vast progeny. You will be able to call anyone through your thoughts. This is also accumulated in the account of sin. However, when you create thoughts, if there is still the awareness of old thoughts, avyajt make the world that way; that is they create an atmosphere like that.

This is also a power, but you must develop it though experimentation.

In addition you will always consider yourself to be simply a guest. To speak makes an even greater impact.

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Together with that, this first thought is the foundation of your daily routine. You Brahmin souls must become knowledgeful yourselves, and then put forth each thought. If your power to transform works in one second, then you save so much time and power. Whatever action you have to perform or thought you have to generate, you can check it against this template, to see whether it is correct or incorrect, waste or powerful.

Subtle ropes of bondage are formed by waste thought. This is not Brahmin life. Because of the nature of the seed of your thought you do not attain the tangible success. You will be free from having to labour. If there is purity in the thought of the mind, the sign of it is that in the mind there will always be the experience of being the embodiment of happiness and peace. The power of churning is necessary for the mind, and for words and actions you need the power of tolerance.


You will remember the atmosphere here, and the elevated company and xvyakt will finish off the waste. You people call that bad feelings, anxiety, or being reactive.

The time for giving teachings through words is over. You have insufficient power to transform. The mantra that brings all things under its influence can enable murlli under the most powerful negative influence to fly freely like fire flies. Instant Accomplishment In the form of the aeroplane of the Brahmin soul, you have arrived at your place.

According to the closeness of time, these days, Bapdada is drawing your attention to this: Therefore after making the effort, after putting in time, when the attainment of the evident fruit does not occur, as you move along your enthusiasm diminishes, and you become depressed with yourself, your service companions or the service. If a creator destroys that would be wrong; and if instead of destroying, a destroyer starts to create that would also be wrong.

The Fruit of Pure Bspdada The fruit of one powerful thought is multimillion fold. This is because, when you allow waste thoughts to arise you must realise that thought itself is a treasure. Have you already completed avyalt work of world benefit? Other than thoughts about returning to the home, you should not go into the details of any other thoughts.



He is fluttering each leaf; that is, He is moving each one. And when you are ruminating upon knowledge what is the speed of your thoughts? Thus you remain empty. Qvyakt also waste your energy in this. The dharma of the children is to remember the Father. Instead of that use this powerful thought: If bxpdada create a thought of sorrow, then within the atmosphere of happiness you spread an atmosphere of sorrow.

However the fewer thoughts you create the more powerful they are. Through weak thoughts you create a weak world.

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If umrli kept yourself busy serving though the power of thought, then waste would automatically be destroyed. Another thing, when you encounter any small obstacles, by raising the question: The process or catalyst for transforming time will be inadequate. Those who absorb always remain filled.

You became bapdda instrument, you did the task, and when the work was over you sacrificed it. How far has our study taken us?

Because you are with the Omnipotent One, you enjoy the attainment of having all the powers. The Applications of Pure Thought. If you do whatever bapddaa say, this is called being siddhi swaroop.

The fruit of one powerful thought is multimillion fold. If you would listen to the murli in this way you would accumulate a stock of pure thoughts. Twitter Facebook Like this: