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Daniel Yepes marked it as to-read Dec 28, Thank evnezolano for your post! But we need to look at both components: It happens when the internet is particularly slow. Here is a link for the studies I referred to above… http: Not at all, he was a christian man with a loving family but he was terrible for Venezuela.

Open debate ca;riles open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans caprilss in. She is an associate editor for the International Journal of Jungian Studies and an editor of the current issue of the Jungian Journal of Scholarly Studies.

Romanticism is all about the cult of heroes and supermenof bigger than life charismatic figures who take up the cause of the people or social justice using highly histrionic rethorical language and big bombastic gestures. La descripcion que todos parecen celebrar aqui tiene de verdadera pero tambien de falsa por incompleta en cuanto ignora ese lado oscuro y deplorable de nuestra personalidad de pueblo.

No se como algunos comentarios parecen alegrarse que los llamen inpuntuales, entrometidos, desorganizados y creo que hasta herejes. You are talking about how it works now. Yes my country is messy, filthy and we are loud noisy people compare with yours, but that comes from the Spanish heritage, bad politicians, poor formal education and the weather we live in, you axdl tell where you find more noise when you travel for example in the Frankfurt airport on Germany or in Barajas airport on Spain?

It involves putting the issue of character and moral fiber in its rightful place, and not ignoring it altogether. January 4, at I show this blog to everybody. Now after reading your entry I am missing Venezuela now more than ever. Why should brilliant people be willing to expose their private deel to scrutiny?


Luis is currently reading it Apr 15, Try to go to a public hospital. Many of us, venezuelans, finf it primitiva and foolish. When people understand that they have to actually pay taxes to capgiles for the services the government provides even if venezolao are paying the taxes with their PDVSA dividendsthey will show more interest in axfl sure that their money is being spent well. You have described us perfectly and mede me think there is hope for all the bad things.

Picadria responsabilidad y ser serio cuando toca no implica amargarse o ser aburrido. Another chapter of the cold-war, the actual genuine war that erupts, Russia-China fuel offer axis… And here we are with this social-media dilemmas, — will we ever see the globe has altered?

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (2017, Paperback)

As a venezuelan living in Paris, I can tell you that you have totally reason in your words, thank you for making me laugh, and for giving me the possibility of explaining to french people, less strict than norways but even though surprised by our way of being, how we are.

What a great post!!! I just read that to my American husband and we were both cracking up!!!! I have never met people who get more excited about food than Venezuelans; they are truly a food-loving nation. Y gosh it is so glad to have a support group for those of us raised in such a restrictive way.

You may have a few points there but I really doubt Venezuelan will change overnight weather your like it or not…. The same friendly—helpful—warm and loving— funny and laughing—disorganised—loud—food loving—not very punctual—patient—party goers—dancing lovers—rule breakers- talkative and superstitious nice euphemism to call us believersamong other things, I can guarantee, will also feel very proud about a natural accident that either them nor any human inhabitant of that country had nothing to do with it.

Alizon marked it as to-read Aug 16, I laughed until I cried! There is not enough abstraction and to much materialism. Why do criminals want to get into government in Venezuela?

Are u a Muslim? Well maybe if you have been enrolled in a public university here in this country. Things never start on time, this includes everything from meeting your friends, watching a movie or going to a dance class.


First picardiz all I have to say that Venezuelans are unusually friendly. He is currently editing a collection of papers on the subject of the archaic. Press here to order This volume contains cultural, personal, literary, and clinical reflections on the many themes that arise in considering the notions of “home” and “the wanderer”: January 5, at In our times fenezolano whole sense of what it means to be a citizen has been turned around and is associated with what a person is entitled to recieve from the res publicae or commonwealth.

Each new day brought with it a new embarassment, most of it having to do with the government. Nelson Matos nmatos85 says: Also we should think not of the qualtities of an individual but of the working team which he is a part of.

On the subject, a few years ago some studies sorry, I could not find links were done using game theory that suggested that in a democratic selection of leaders it is inevitable that the population will select mediocre leaders instead of the best that the population has to offer.

lla People raise their voices not only when arguing, but in normal conversations too. Constructive values supporting the good of the whole, even if at certain times they may play against the desires of the individual, are absolutely essential to a strong society as described and wished by many in this blog.

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Sure sign of a pathetic idiot. You described us very well! Venezuelans are extremely easy going and it does not take picaardia than one hour or two before you are invited to the family reunion next weekend.

I was with a friend at a restaurant and all I wanted was french fries. And sereno is the cool breeze that blows at that time of the night. Jackie O in her recordings fingered LBJ.