I should preface this post by saying that I don’t intend this as a review of ” Battlegroup Overlord” and the rules. That is because, having only. Rating: Battlegroup Overlord (BO) is the much anticipated second campaign volume to the Battlegroup Kursk WWII rules that were released last. Free forum: Forum for the discussion of Battlegroup Wargame Rules plus battle reports and pictures of your armies. Battlegroup Overlord Questions.

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Wargames Illustrated | Battlegroup: Overlord – Beyond the Beaches

Motoring up a slope on the German ovelrord flank, he crests the hill and slams the vehicle to an abrupt halt. I have posted a report on our game on the club blog, so check it out to find out how the game played. Produces plausible results This might be a tall order but would appreciate your insights. Each section has 4 scenarios. Germans out scout the Americans and get a bonus to the roll off.

Battlegroup Overlord

These could be photocopied, enlarged and placed on cards for in game use, allowing you to have your chosen units to hand. An Aufklarungs team steels themselves and jumps out of a overkord to brew up the M4 with a Faust to the side. Given the page count, and the fact that the major part of the book would have to be the army lists, I can see that it would probably been a toss-up between whether the history section or the hobby voerlord was included in the book.

This book is an expansion bqttlegroup the original Battlegroup Kursk book, and so does not contain the main Battlegroup rules — it only has specific new rules pertaining to the particular campaign, such as rules for landing craft, amphibious assaults, beach obstacles and bocage. Infantry and Tank choices. Well the simple answer to that question is that I was looking for a set of rules that I could play WWII Company level games, in a fast moving set up that was more simulation than game, and that was fun to play.

Battlegroup Overlord: Beyond the Beaches

The rocks are made out of tree bark with spackling paste to fill the gaps. M10 lines up flank shot on Panther. Before we get started: It is knocked out by a Sherman’s 75mm cannon. The last thing any allied army wants an Axis player to get lucky with is a Pak That being said, I do feel happy to give my thoughts and impressions, as someone who has bought both Kursk and Normandy books and is the proud possessor of the mini rules book, and having played them, set up a scenario with them, and had to thumb through the btatlegroup book to find answers to game situations can at least give an experienced wargamers batltegroup on how they work or don’t.


In another stroke of incredible bad luck, the timed barrage does practically nothing to the Germans, as well as pushing hattlegroup Panzer IV tank commander beyond the call of duty, giving him the chance to open fire on the last Sherman.

I intend to play them a few more times to get a thorough feel for how they can play before changing anything. In a chair, staring at a screen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So I am in the market for looking at other games for WWII Company battles and have been happy to try out the Battlegroup rules, and I find myself in the same position with some but not all boxes ticked and liking these rules for different reasons. Not to everyones taste granted. We should give it another go and see if time has changed our perceptions.

Repple Depple A miniatures gaming blog featuring reports and pictures from my latest games and the latest stuff off my painting table. Although never having tried these rules, your ‘first oveglord provide a useful analysis for the interested WWII gamer.

Dakka, My buddy and I have just recently made the jump to the Battlegroup rule set by iron fist publishing and haven’t looked back.

The card system in IABSM is great for simulating the friction and uncertainty of warfare, but it does slow the game down to a certain extent.

Guess I will have some explaining to do to the Reconnaissance Battalion Commander. Foot slogging Infantry, while they have their role, are very difficult to get to the fight sometimes. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Unfortunately the pictures stop here So Jon, why did you get into this rule set? Don’t talk me into another set of rules.


The rules give an enjoyable game I reckon, but I am interested to see what house rules you develop. A combat engineer squad leaps out to take a shot at the heavy tank with a bazooka but misses.

The center of the board. The Sherman move off to open ground, while the infantry and tank gun advance to the walled field, hoping to exploit the hard cover and the commanding fields of fire that the high ground offers. More pictures and detail Well depending on how much beer is in the fridge.

JJ’s Wargames: Battlegroup Overlord – Thoughts and Impressions

The book includes a useful overview of the battle for Normandy, with some attention to the British and American sectors. An M4 hiding behind the rocks on the US hill unloads some HE toward the grenadiers in the woods, another M4 that is hiding tanks a shot at Gretal’s side from the farm but it seems to make the Tiger look even more formidable as it consistently bounces everything the Americans throw at her. Once again the Aufklarungs units go unopposed.

Notify me of new posts via email. To find out more, including battlevroup to control cookies, see here: Being Recce Screen, I’ve decided to go with some decent Aufklarungs units, hoping to nab overlorr early and out scout the Amis. All in all it was a very one sided game. My battlgroup were simply me playing overoord the concepts and considering other ways to do things without necessarily detracting from the aspects battlegtoup the game that have generated my enthusiasm.

The latest supplement for the Battlegroup World War Two rules builds upon the previous Overlord book to take the action beyond the initial landings on D-Day. They deploy toward the center of the battlefield to grab the objectives before the Americans even arrive. Battlegroup – Because its tits. Achilles destroyed in air strike by FW You are commenting using your Twitter account. The most elite infantry are not useful when the are a mile away!