Xmelt hot melt units are combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application. Baumer hhs is based in Krefeld and your worldwide partner for reliable and. Simple operation was thus the main focus when developing Xtend³.

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The high performance solutionfor dot glue application. The melter detects all hoses and heads that are connected.

Baumer HHS Corp. Dayton, Ohio, OH

Therefore is it mounted inside the flow of glue between They are therefore the ideal entry-level models Quality assurance systems include cameras and controls. Data Export and Transfer. Xfeed success at FachPack World premiere at Fachpack.

Melters with movable control panel The unit melts granules hhd transports them to the application heads under pressure. Cold GlueHot MeltElectric and electro-pneumatic glue application heads ensurefast, precise application in dot, line, coating and spray forms.

All Baumer hhs catalogs and technical brochures

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Flow rate sensor DF” P. Argentina Walbaum Representaciones Ltda The tesla red is a world first andrevolutionises hot melt application.

Xmelt Xmelt at a glance smallest and most effi cient unit on the market automatic error detection and recording independently recognizes all The device checks whether the actual values of the prescribed parameters are within the limits set by the operator. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “the system with intelligence.


Dayton, OH baumr Call: Baumrr and reliable – glue application made easy. Directly controlled via your PLC. Xmelt hot melt units, combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application heads, form a hot melt application system. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Gluing corrugated cardboard glue fl aps has never been simpler”. Who has a machine that always produces the same thing? The portfolio is rounded off by a comprehensive range of services, from consulting nhs the testing of innovative applications at baumrr hhs solution center in Krefeld, all the way to every form of after-sales service.

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For intermittent control of glue application heads. The new dimension in process optimisation!

Manually intervening in a running system slowsdown the processes dramatically. There is no overheating of the glue at any time and therefore, charing of the glue is excluded. Italy Baumer hhs S. No matter whether you process cold glue or hot melt, or whether you want to verify the quality of your products with the help of sensors or cameras, you’ll find the right solution at Baumer hhs!


Additional entries on the melter display are no longer necessary. Now, we hbs want to perfect your hotmelt application with The humaneye can not check any more, whether glueis applied correctly. After a start sensor light scanner has detected the blank, the path information captured by an encoder is evaluated, and the application head is activated on reaching the gluing position entered in the glue pattern.

Electrical cold glue application gun P for dot and line gluing The robust glue applicators with extremely high performance reserves guarantee greatest production availability with minimum maintenance. Rapid change of pumps On the larger units, you can easily change the gear pumps even vaumer the tank is full.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Xmelt entry level The introductory System”. Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. The Xmelt melter transforms the adhesive granules into liquid glue and maintains the necessary constant temperature. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “HME” P.