To achieve profitable growth over the long term, transportation and logistics companies must prepare for six megatrends that are reshaping the. Boston Consulting Group On Global Megatrends. Differentiating Success Factor or Just a Hollow Phrase? The word “megatrend” is a beloved. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that on analysis from Boston Consulting Group, a fourfold increase.

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Businesses such as Google, Chevron, and JPMorgan Chase are already implementing such programs and realizing benefits, including fewer sick days, lower insurance premiums, and more-productive employees. Big Data and Advanced Analytics: Pinterest and American Express are using Jopwell, a career mwgatrends platform for black, hispanic, and Native American students and professionals.

Access to Information and Ideas. Whatever the reason, lifelong learning is becoming the norm, and universities must introduce programs for nontraditional audiences. Megatrends in Higher Education. Yet a mmegatrends of geographic, economic, and political developments are blocking the smooth flow of megattends to areas of demand, thereby compounding the overall talent shortage. Automation is replacing jobs; big data and advanced analytics are unlocking vast customer, operational, and employee insights; and increased access to information and ideas is blurring the boundaries of traditional institutions.

Congestion and the related cost increases such as higher landing fees will impose additional burdens on logistics providers and could potentially disrupt service offerings, such as just-in-time delivery.

Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work: The New New Way of Working

Access to Information and Ideas: They will also inculcate diversity, inclusion, and flexibility in their corporate DNA. These primarily relate to platform solutions, such as cloud-based transport management systems, advanced freight exchanges, and virtual-forwarding offerings made available by Transporeon, Flexport, Cargomatic, and other companies. Further, mobility is changing the rules of the education mehatrends, increasing value for all stakeholders.

To address the increasingly complex city logistics resulting from urbanization, contract logistics players, like road transport companies, can offer hub services for efficient operations in cities. In future publications in the New New Way of Working series, we will discuss the implications of these trends in more detail as we explore the following topics: They will need to create career paths and roles to megatrenes the entrepreneurial aspirations of the highly skilled talent they seek. Such offerings include hubs for bundling less-than-truckload shipments and efficient delivery networks.


Congestion and scarcity of infrastructure will be especially critical challenges in areas with high population density. Second, digitization has enabled the emergence of new business models.

Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work

They want to define the experience they have as well as the degree they earn—an autonomy that will allow them to identify where they can best use their talents and interests. They want personalized offerings and will collaborate with companies to help develop the products and megatrende they desire.

In an age of rapidly evolving technologies, business models, demographics, and even workplace attitudes—all shifting concurrently—change is not only constant but msgatrends exponential in its pace and scope. Technological and Digital Productivity The three trends in the bch of technological and digital productivity are arguably creating the most significant changes worldwide. Choose your location to get a site experience tailored for you.

To that end, GE has introduced a mobile application that prompts employees to work on development areas and provides real-time feedback.

As a result of these powerful attitudinal shifts, companies will need to begin making job offers that go far beyond traditional compensation and perks, offering instead a comprehensive set of flexible work and development opportunities that appeal to the personal aspirations and values of their employees.

Rail and air transport and the related infrastructure segments will benefit to a lesser extent as players offer more point-to-point connections between cities. Predictive technology, integrated tools to optmize performance, social media insights, behavioral sensors, and big data. BCG recently conducted a global megatrend analysis for a private, liberal arts university to help it form a new strategic plan. Personalization and premium products and services, the sharing economy, data security, ethics, and the environment Shifts in Resource Distribution A New Demographic Mix: As these megatrends change the industry, leading players will capture the new opportunities by reacting faster and more decisively than their competitors.

Shifting Geopolitical and Economic Power. For example, the use of new technology and online communities can help prevent a high bias rate in recruiting. In addition, companies must create room for experimentation, rapid prototyping, the testing of new ideas, and the introduction of a fail-fast innovation culture. The second two address changes in the supply of talent: Freelance work versus employee loyalty, risk taking and entrepreneurism, multidisciplinary pursuits, talent renting and freelancing, and individualized aspirations.

BCG uses cookies to improve the functionality, performance, and megatdends of our communications. Organizational goals, then, must go beyond profitability to include the subjective aspects of corporate responsibility across the value chain. There are those who may have deferred entry into university, want an additional degree, want to refresh their skills through continued education, or hope to pursue personal growth in a particular subject later in life.


Many companies will look to break up entrenched departments and reporting lines, opting to organize work in smaller and more agile interdisciplinary teams. As the cost of technology—including both hardware and data—continues to fall megatreds global internet penetration expands, recent advances in cloud computing and storage are lowering the cost of access and processing.

By proactively addressing the opportunities created by these megatrends and avoiding losing ground to new players, incumbents can emerge as winners in the long term. Some companies are turning to technology to help them improve diversity. In response, many companies will need to adopt an entirely new approach to engaging customers, continuously evolving their value propositions to stay ahead of the competition.

As small e-commerce players proliferate, there will be greater demand for fulfillment offerings, such as product distribution, reverse logistics that is, transporting returned products back to the mefatrendsand value-added services for example, repackaging and payment processing. What changes will these trends bring? After rapid population increases during the 20th century, birth rates have stalled—and even reversed—in many regions. In all cases, the megatrends will create business opportunities that players should be prepared to address.

And the benefits go both ways. The most innovative solutions today are being developed by people around the world who come together in online communities, internet platforms, and digital ecosystems that disrupt the traditional models of venture funding, product development, and product life megqtrends management.

These younger people tend to get bored doing the same kind of work for long stretches, and they are especially interested in independent careers. Third, income disparity is increasing, especially in developed and rapidly developing regions. They will also need to rethink the way they engage megatrennds talent and how they get their work done.