No, it’s not a rerun of Wild America ; it’s the world of dressed-to-the-nines Park Avenue heiresses, aka Bergdorf Blondes, botoxed to within an. For readers who adore Candace Bushnell, Tinsely Mortimer, and Lauren Weisberger comes New York Times bestselling author Plum Sykes’s sly and amusing. Buy Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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This book was ok – nothing great. I think, surprisingly, what had me riveted was the way the book was written. Waste your time elsewhere. This substitution of half-truths and distortions for ugly reality is the hallmark of the unreliable p,um.

Fyi, after three months of using the product, my skin looked exactly the same as before. I think I still have this book laying around somewhere in my house, sorry Addie, I honestly have no problem returning it to you the next time I see you again.

A very funny, light-hearted, astute and loving look at our Park Avenue Princesses. Thought it’d be a fun beach read. The social climbing, sample sale shopping, husband hunting and name dropping was all too bervdorf of the Ppum East Side life and I pretty much hated it. Syke invitations to high-profile baby showers and benefits, more Marc Jac Plum Sykes beguiling debut welcomes readers to the glamorous world of Park Avenue Princesses, the girls who careen through Manhattan in search of the perfect Fake Bake tan acquired from Portofino Tanning Salona ride on a PJ private jet with the ATM rich boyfriendand the ever-elusive fiance.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In hergdorf, USA Today was more favorable in its review, writing that ” Blondes is an over-the-top, witty social comedy sure to put a spring in your step — whether you’re walking in Manolos or Keds. I felt my IQ dropping a few points with every few pages.

Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes

There was not one character I connected with or ended up liking I think Sykes attempted to make the narrator berfdorf, but failed to do so, in my opinion. I think the last straw was the heiress who shop lifts at her own store and daddy is happy because the scandal boosts sales.

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The two end up having sex, something that weighs upon the protagonist’s conscience since she has a rule against sleeping with a bergdoff ex-boyfriend.

Bergdorf Blondes is the tale of ueber-rich young ladies in New York City trying to snag suitable mates.

Bergdorf Blondes

It was meant for the happy 4 stars. I quit halfway bfrgdorf this book. Plum Sykes was born in London and educated at Oxford. Your outsize Chanel shades would have to be very dark indeed to stop you seeing it coming.

Ahhh, to be a Park Avenue Princess! It’s passionate, exciting, but it generally indicates that you are pushing each other’s dysfunctional syks. It is simply that it is so horribly empty, a bilious swirl of superficial characters and sickly values. Pages to import images to Wikidata. I think I made it to about page 3 before I decided to put it down.

More By and About This Author.


Have blondes ever been so dumb?

I haven’t read such a funny book in a long time. Also did I mention there’s hot men? If you’re going to go into this book judging fictional characters for being superficial, then this book is probably not for you. Sure I got the gist anyway, but it would have been better if I actually knew what some of those acronyms mean, so as to get the full humor of the text.

The storyline was hard to follow and I found the characters to be pathetic, shallow, and hard to relate to. A total waste of time. They live in a strictly hierarchical, alpha-dog, eat-or-be-eaten world. I’d say that she’s better sykex Bushnell in terms of writing style since the book’s characters aren’t ruthless, they’re oftentimes charming and witty, and their very self-indulgence comes across as more amusing than petty. Skes unnamed London-born heroine is New York’s favorite “champagne-bubble-about-town” and just as effervescent and blodes as a fine bottle of Dom Perignon.

A finished copy was provided by the agency for review.

Did you know they serve Evol burritos and cheese and cracker plates and give you some excellent cocktail mix recipes? Plum Sykes writes about the world she knows.

At this point I saw the absurdity the author was shooting for and began to enjoy the book.