Bhagya Sukta – Powerful Hymn for Success, Good Luck and Prosperity (Bhagya Sukta – Saubhagya, Safalta Aur Samriddhi ke Liye. Bhagya Suktam MP3 Song by Sastrigal from the Sanskrit movie Veda Suktam Vol- 1. Download Bhagya Suktam song on and listen Veda. BHAGYA SUKTAM FOR WEALTH DR C L Prabhakar, [email protected] yuyam pata svastibhih sada nah. This is a very important sukta.

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BHAGYA SUKTAM FOR WEALTH | Nada Veda Adhyayana Kendra

Also at times while nirmalya telufu the vigrahas are removed for further puja. You May Also Like: Posted in Veda Ganga. The deity would enthuse such that always the devotees get enough thinking to make him well acknowledged among his colleagues. It is the wisdom source too. In case anyone were to harm, he should be discouraged and removed from us.

It is called as the Bhagya sukta homa to please suryaBhagavan who is syktam in all for the prosperity of everybody born on this Earth and elsewhere. That is why they have been referred above. The application viniyoga of this Hymn could be mere recitation. Anonymous July 12, at 8: The expressions occurring in the sukta are quite thought provoking.


Golu August 27, at May the presiding deities of the early morning-hour arrive here, like the horse that puts its foot in the place of Vedic ritual for establishing the fire altar. Bhagapranetar bhagasatyaradho bhagemaam dhiyam udavadadannah, bhaga prano janaya gobhirasvair bhagapranrubhir nruvantasyama!.

Sir I want to open new Restaurant Business on this year. May these auspicious gods bless us with good progeny, and nourish all life. Gaurav Malhotra September 5, at Su,tam Help mine – Dob – 2 July Time 7: Gaurav Malhotra July 13, at 9: I was waiting for your posts from long time. May Bhaga, and the gods be the possessor of good fortune, and through Him, may we may be blessed with good fortune by that god.

Bestow it upon us, and elevate our intellect and protect it. Kindly lead us being present in the ritual.

Suktas – Madhwa Prachara Vedike

Belated Happy B’day Guruji. Anonymous July 25, at 6: Morning is preferred but if that is not possible then you can do anytime of the day. In this post I am publishing a sukta set of verses is called a sukta – Hymn which is from Rig Veda and Yajurveda and its considered to be extremely powerful in improving luck and endows wealth, success and happiness.

Now the text of the veda sukta runs thus: Or the comparison is just a gimmick by sellers to create price difference. One could hope to be the richest owing to the grace of the Lord as per their karmic needs and necessities here and hereafter.


Utedanim bhagavantasyamota prapitva uta madhye anhnam utodita maghavan suryasya vayam devanagum sumatau syama! Atmada July 30, at 9: He has widely traveled across the world and helped people with his skills.

Happy Birthday Gaurav sir.

Bhagya Suktam

Gaurav Malhotra September 1, at What should I do for very good business from the restaurant at very short time? Utpattim ca vinasam ca bhutanam agatim gatim vetti vidyam avidyam ca sa vacyo bhagavan iti!! The great leader, and truth is your wealth. Gaurav Malhotra August 7, at Bhaga is an aspect of the Sun known for Brilliance and guidance suktma the buddhi of the sadhakas.

Gaurav Malhotra July 25, at 3: Please read more about me on my page. Bless us with cattle-wealth, horses, and descendants and followers.

I am facing few troubles in my life. Gaurav Malhotra August 5, at 1: Anonymous March 13, at Career and MoneyMantraPrayerStotra.