SpeciesPseudotolithus typusCroaker. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!. Pseudotolithus is a genus of croaker or bar, ray-finned fish in the family Sciaenidae. Selected species[edit]. Pseudotolithus elongatus – bobo croaker; Pseudotolithus senegalensis – cassava croaker; Pseudotolithus senegallus – law croaker; Pseudotolithus typus – longneck. YHOPSIS C. Pseudotolithus. Prepared by. A.R. Longhurst. ‘o. BIOLOGICAL L[A ON WES’I’. RICAN CRO! ERS typus, P. senegalensis and P. elonatt. FOOD ND.

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FAO Fish Synopsis, 35 rev. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. The marine fisheries sector in Benin is dominated by artisanal fisheries, which contribute approximately three-quarters of the total marine production Gbaguidi, [10].

Bsc Dissertation, University of Ghana, Legon, The period between the beginning of the increase of the GSI and its decrease corresponds to the reproduction period. In addition, several studies on recruitment show that the number of recruits per year would depend on abundance as well as the strategy of reproduction of the stock and the variability of their environment Blaxter, [35]; Cushing, [36]; Beyer and Laurence, [37]; Walters, [38], Sinclair, [39]; Cury, [40]. Class Actinopterygii ray-finned fishes.

Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Sampling distribution by gender of P.

Community-based management of the nearshore fishery could contribute to reducing fishing effort during the reproductive periods from February to May and from October to December each year.

The sex ratio was tested for equality for psseudotolithus months using Chi-square test.

Anterior end of the swimbladder with a pair of complicated tube-like appendages, divided into a group of a few short tubes anteriorly and a group of numerous long tubules running backward along ventral and lateral sides of bladder up to base of anal fin. A total number of fish specimens were sampled from the catches and specimens were sexed. The fishery sector supports an informal workforce of 1. We owe much gratitude to Mr E. Size frequency distribution of oocytes in mature ovaries of P. Information gained from this study will not only eyes and large mouth with lower jaw projecting, while P.


Therefore, urgent management been numerous studies in which GSI has been used as an interventions in form of close seasons are needed to safeguard indicator of gonad development, i.

Pseudotolithus typus, Longneck croaker : fisheries

Summary of the length frequency distribution of P. Eggs, larvae and young stages. Sciaenids constitute a large and varied family of fishes information on fish biology and growth pattern renders closely related to snappers but differing in that the spinous fisheries management options geared toward sustainable dorsal fin is short and the adipose tissue is much longer than exploitation of commercial fishes ttpus Liberia ineffective.

The samples were conveyed in thermos cool boxes to the laboratory. The ratio of males to females was pxeudotolithus to be 0.

Human uses

The species of high market value caught by artisanal fisheries are Sciaenids Republic of Liberia, West Africa, A sex ratio of significant deviation from the 1: References September coincided with warm temperature whereas the 1.

Blackwell until a certain size, from which it increases in favor of females Scientific Publications, Oxford. The size range was 14 cm – 63 cm for P. There were dominants of males to females for the two assessed species. These finding agrees with that of Ashong [28] for Sakumono between and The sex ratio was tested for equality for different weight W g of the fish.

Rowe S, Hutching JA. Fecundity was determined from 25 late-ripening ovaries stage III collected at each site during February to March for P.


Liberia annual per capita fish consumption is inhabitants residing within the selected two fish landing among the lowest in the region and has decreased over time sampling stations is fishing and its related activities such as due to damage to fisheries infrastructure during the civil war, fish processing and fish trade. An essay on population regulation and speciation. Nonetheless, the high economic value of the Longneck croaker has induced many fishermen to adopt unsustainable fishing practices, such as beach seining to meet the most basic needs of their families.

A basis for classifying the sciaenid fishes of tropical West Africa. The authors acknowledge the financial support by the United minor peak in November confirmed the spawning period States Agency for International Development, as part of the reported by Sossoukpe [26] from Benin.

Log In Sign Up. Conditions of the area could play a fundamental role in the regulation of recruitment by their influence lseudotolithus the survival of eggs, larvae and juvenile as well as on the fertility of the reproductive stock probably based on trophic relationships. Materials and Methods fish species that is widely consumed locally by Liberian 2.

Discussions seine throughout the year indicating the dependence on the The population structure for P.

Marine Species Identification Portal : Long-neck croaker – Pseudotolithus typus

From literature, it was reported by management structure and objectives. Generally, the maturing and mature ova passed in succession to advanced maturity stages and fresh batches of maturing ova separated from the immature stock. Bleeker, Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Diagnosis: The mature group of ova with mode at 0.