You agree to abide by all applicable anti-corruption laws, including laws prohibiting illegal payments to people for a corrupt purpose in relation to these. Clase 5 bocio endemico download as powerpoint presentation. Prevalence and geographical distribution of endemic goitre. Saude publica avaliacao do bocio. May-Jul;23()– [PubMed]; STACPOOLE HH. La profilaxis del bocio endemico en Mexico. Bol Oficina Sanit Panam. Mar;36(3)–

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In Mexico, it is compulsory for the food industry to employ iodized salt in their products. For this selection we used data fromand the municipalities selected based on this criterion were Colon, El Marques, Huimilpan, and Pedro Escobedo 22, The highest prevalence of stunting was found in Pinal bocioo Amoles All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Iodine-deficient soils are common in mountainous areas There is coexistence between the two extremes of iodine intake insufficient and excessive. Because of this, we consider that the generation of a national program for monitoring urinary iodine excretion to reach and keep adequate iodine nutrition by means of an USI program is a priority.

Because of the difficulties to return to these locations, we decided to include all the children available on the day of the data collection. Moreover, Mexico is considered a nutrition transition country with serious problems of overweight and obesity and a reduction of infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies 8.

For the anthropometric measurements, shoes of the subjects were removed, their pockets emptied, and they wore light indoor clothing. The best models obtained during the exploration analysis are reported Model 1 and Model 2.

Disease control priorities in developing countries. In this cross-sectional study, we describe iodine nutrition status in Mexican children from elementary state schools in municipalities considered vulnerable to iodine deficiency rn its relationship with the global nutrition status and the social gap index, a socioeconomic indicator.


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According to bkcio national census, the state of Queretaro has 1, inhabitants, with the total population of the 10 municipalities studied representing Am J Clin Nutr. Cuarto censo nacional de talla This finding is in accordance with previous reports, such as those from Indonesia 19 and India This cross-sectional study was performed in 10 municipalities from the state of Queretaro, Mexico.

As stated above, we found that the presence of insufficiently iodized table salt is higher in localities with elevated SGI and undernutrition. There are other circumstances or variables that mexoco be taken into account and that are specific of a certain region or country. In pregnant women, goiter prevalence was 19 in Pachuca, 20 in Ixmiquilpan, and 52 in Huejutla. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Tercia Cesaria Reis de Souza for her support to translate the title and abstract into Portuguese.

The NNS reported a prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren 5 to 11 years of age of N Engl J Med. Further studies are needed to document the impact of both obesity and iodine excess in children thyroid function.

Because of the lack of recent information on UIC in the Queretaro state, we selected 10 municipalities considered more vulnerable to iodine deficiency according to the criteria described below. On the other hand, the control of chronic undernutrition has been notably improved in the last years.

The Swiss iodized salt program provides adequate iodine for school children and pregnant women, but weaning infants not receiving iodine-containing complementary foods as well as their mothers are iodine deficient. In general, it is accepted that 30 urine samples are enough to calculate the median of UIC 2.


As it may be observed, the municipalities of Jalpan de Endekico and Pinal de Amoles had the lowest height. Assessment of iodine deficiency disorders and monitoring their elimination: Please review our privacy policy. Endemic goiter in these municipalities, and in Pinal de Amoles and San Joaquin is associated with geographical characteristics.

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Iodine nutrition in elementary state schools of Queretaro, Mexico: Yoduria en escolares y embarazadas del estado Trujillo, Venezuela In our case only 7. Iodine nutrition improves in Latin America. This seemingly contradiction could be explained by the access to other dietary sources of iodine, such as processed food, considering the lower SGI and the subsequent higher social development.

Moreover, there is coexistence between the two extremes of iodine intake insufficient and excessive. Effect of iodine intake on thyroid diseases in China.

From jexico locality, one state elementary school was selected as the survey site. Rev Argent Endocrinol Metab. In addition, a potential limitation to this study is that the sample size employed to calculate the median UIC was less than 30 subjects in a few locations, which could prevent an accurate assessment of iodine status.

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Services on Demand Journal. Endemic goiter and nutrition. Links to PubMed are also available for Selected References. Correlation analyses between UIC and global nutrition status indicators and SGI using data from the 50 schools are shown in Figures 2 and 3.