BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED BSNL-JTO Exam TELECOM of basic electrical quantities and parameters; Electronic measuring. SYLLABUS SECTION – I 1. Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICs Electrons and holes in semiconductors, Carrier Statistics, Documents Similar To Bsnl Jto Syllabus RRB Senior Section Engineer Exam Pattern Syllabus Subject: Scheme and Syllabus for limited Internal Competitive (LICE) for filling up posts in the cadre of JTO (Telecom) under both CMD, BSNl, New Delhi. 3. . protection, power electronics application in control of drivers, Refrigeration &.

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Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power, Power-factor and energy.

What is the syllabus for BSNL JTO for ECE?

ARM hiring electronics engineers for the post desi Plane-Wave propagating in dielectric and conducting media. Transient and steady-state stability of power systems.

Root locus and Nicols chart and the estimation of gain and phase margin. Basic concepts in rotating machines. Applications of Micro-processors in power system. Transducers and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc.


Hall effect and its applications. Bar chart, linked bar chart, work break down structures, Activity-on-arrow diagrams. Weight batcher, Mixer, vibrator, batching plant, concrete pump. Built up sections and frames.

Economics and operating factors. Transistor biasing and stabilization, Small Signal analysis. Time-cost study, crashing; Resource allocation. Power shovel, hoe, dozer, dumper, trailers and tractors, rollers, sheep foot rollers, pumps. Bznl corporation of india walkin interview for Questions on knowledge of current events and of such matter of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person.

Network Theory Network analysis techniques: Natural response and forced response. Principles of ultimate load design.


Critical path, probabilistic activity durations; Event-based networks. Elements of network synthesis. Large signal amplifiers, coupling methods, push pull amplifiers, operational amplifiers, wave shaping circuits. Copyright issue All the materials and content is belongs to this website only, if any one copied or used in any purpose without consulting us will be punished foe the copyrighted act. Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators.


Compounds, different types, setting times, strength. Ferro and ferri magnetism. Design of Steel Structures Principle of working stress method. Network theorem, jot and steady state sinusoidal response, Transmission criteria: Elements of two-element network synthesis. Network Theorems and applications. Modulation and detection in analogue and digital systems; Sampling and data reconstruction.

Properties of networks in terms of poles and zeros. Mesh and nodal analysis. Switched mode power supplies.

Microwave Communication Systemsterrestrial and satellite based. Frequency response, Wide band techniques, Feedback amplifiers. Operational Amplifier, other linear integrated circuits and applications. Characteristics and performance analysis. Electrical Circuits Circuits elements.