Capablanca Interviewed in Edward Winter. Below is our translation of an interview with Capablanca published in the Buenos Aires magazine El Gráfico. Capablanca: A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Chess Genius José Raúl Capablanca, [Edward Winter] on Amazon. com. Capablanca: A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Illustrations Genius Jose Capablanca, [Edward Winter] on Amazon. com.

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Winter on Capablanca – a milestone in chess literature | ChessBase

But what a sacrifice! He has done nothing of the kind, and Capablanca would obviously be devastated. Capa and the old General capab,anca engrossed in each other, discussing the Napoleonic wars. It was remarked by the chess critics that I played very quickly, and that I always got up and walked about while my opponent was thinking.

I well remember the bell boy paging us nearly every evening: This is not a book which you may skim. It really shocked me — reminding me so of Capa. Whatever your own list includes, be prepared to add to it Capablanca by Edward Edwad On second thoughts he turned back to inquire my name, a thing he had forgotten to do before playing.

Small, thin, with a wrinkled face, he looked like an old jockey. The fact was that the great player looked capxblanca the position from a different point of view to that of the common good ordinary player I was then, and a far higher one, and, with his profound knowledge and instinct, discarded as worthless many lines of play which I considered important.

Especially since it came after the bleak years that had followed the debacle in Buenos Aires. I was sent to Petrograd, where I remained until 14 Julyscarcely two weeks before the outbreak of the Great War. We arrived in Buenos Aires. On yes, I know, not even for a friendly price.

I had spent some anxious days knowing how this would affect him, so meticulously precise in all his activities. Apparently we were expected. Then I understood her: He was now old and sick, making his living in Paris by earning small commissions; I bought my perfumes through him.

We left Paris at the end of summer,and our first stop on the way to South America was Italy. To the Chess Notes main page. Flowers were constantly sent to me in such profusion that, as a friend joked, my place looked like a funeral parlor. Had he then played and won, the moral effect alone would have always been a powerful weapon in his hands. Never mind the parade.


Capablanca Interviewed in (presented by Edward Winter)

But this is the best case. True, we arrived in Holland just after we were married, with the rewarding realization of having achieved the pinnacle of our most cherished wish. It was about then that he spoke to his wife.

My youthful conceit made me think that what I heard was absurd, and that the little man was not much of a player. The next day was dedicated to seeing the Vatican. It is also a beautifully produced tome, with that sober elegance so characteristic of Capablanca himself.


A review of Capablanca by Edward Winter

Suppose, on the other hand, that you have had only time to examine two of the three possibilities before your opponent moves, and that when he moves he adopts the third line, the one you have not had time to analyze, then it is evident that you have wasted all your work, and that you are no better off than if you had been walking about, in so far as the saving of time is concerned, and that in any case you are much worse off in regard to the amount of wasted mental effort.

Following the Moscow, tournament he reached Havana on 24 Decemberand after his stay in Cuba he went to the United States in May The attitude in London was quite different through all this ticklish situation. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

I would be called if needed. Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes had that blue distant look. Russia and the Teutonic countries, Capablanca asserted, produce excellent chessplayers, by reason of their colder climate, while France has never yielded to the game to any great extent. If you are a very much quicker player than your opponent, you may be able to run rapidly through the three of them before your opponent moves, but as he can adopt only one of the three, the result is that two-thirds of the work is wasted.


Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. How much of this is serious? Against Fine I had two won games; against Alekhine I should have won one game; and another one against Keres, thanks to an advantageous position which I built up conscientiously. The reviewers had no doubts as to its qualities. I had heard that in his college days, at Columbia University, he was a promising young star, already sought by the Big League, in baseball.

We never saw our car again. He had married Gloria Simoni Betancourt ineight months after becoming world champion. A gentleman, he could not envisage the adverse effect produced by his sincerity.

Capa had mentioned it to me en passantso I am a bit hazy about edwzrd details, such as who had accompanied Stalin — seems to me it was Krylenko. That evening Capa and I had dinner alone in our lovely dining room. It is not a question of a great master seeing any number of isolated moves or of his knowing how to construct a mate; all that is to be taken edwarv granted.

Then suddenly he accused me of provoking undue wintet. As matters turned out, I was able to win four games before my opponent could add one single point to his score.

I often have had men and women of otherwise fine intelligence actually ask me if I did not fear I would lose my reason by continuing to play the game. ChessBase 15 – Mega package Find the right combination! He has destroyed it. Evidently a slow player cannot afford to get up often from the table and walk about while edwqrd opponent is thinking, since his time is limited, and he will generally need every minute of it, but a quick player may find it convenient to walk about in order to give his mind some rest.