Carabook: le guide de l’externe Front Cover. Association Nationale des Etidiants en Médecine de France (ANEMF), – pages. Read the latest magazines about Anemf and discover magazines on . CARA Book Discussion January 12/21/ Community Anti-Racism Alliance. Thursday, January, 12, p.m., in the Center, join CFS parents and .

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The students then glued on cotton balls. She substituted apple juice for the water called for in the recipe.

carabook 2011 pdf

We like these brushes made with caraboo, handles that are easier to grasp. For the beard we used a triangle shape and cotton balls.

Some of our students on the autism spectrum were particularly drawn to the colorful yarn strands. We then proceeded to make our own flags. We like to give our students choices of 3 items because when they take our Alternate Assessment they are given an array of 3 choices.

Of course, we counted the bags as we handed them out. Using the pre-recorded voice output device, we asked one of the kids to tell us what the title of the book was. Each book was made with a repetitive line. Our student with a visual impairment glued silk leaves onto his paper.


September | | Group by Group

We then played catch. Squeezing also works on hand strengthening.

We looked for soft squirrels, hard pumpkins and strands of soft yarn in the fall colors of brown, yellow and orange. The finished product——-Ta Da! And finally, we explored the concepts of hard and soft a properties of materials access point in addition to colors using mardi carzbook beads and pom poms. We joined the ends to make a Donut. We recorded the sounds of an apple falling from a tree and someone crunching an apple on one of our sequencers.

Carabook: le guide de l’externe – Google Books

Caraook counted how many votes each color received. Tong activities are great for building pre-scissor skills and eye hand coordination. We used Country Apple body wash from Bath and Body works to give our water an apple scent and then put in some realistic plastic apples.

We used the hair dryer to blow the leaves away to reveal the word FALL that was taped to the tray. The carabbook line answers the question. The books are made using Microsoft Office Powerpoint so they can be easily edited.

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We started with a precut triangle with a slightly concave top. We used the chenille stems to hook the beard around our ears. We tore pieces of tissue paper into small pieces. We have learned to be flexible! Placing the sticker on the students thumb was a way to adapt the activity for those students with increased muscle tone.


For our next activity, we put Dots round stickers on a Duck Drawn by Joy. We Clapped our hands to make the Crab wiggle. Our darabook really enjoyed the varied colors of the beans.

We started with Bowling. And finally, we Counted all the C words that we wrote on our post caraboom Lovely scents reminding us of the fall season.

After the paint and glue dried, Jeannie practiced number skills with the students by counting the number of squirrels they had made.

As we read the story the students were able to participate by activating the switches. Crumpling paper is great for working on hand intrinsics. Each 2011 pushed their Ball to knock down the Bottles—-then counted how many they knocked down.