Full text of “Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual” lX LISTED Operation Manual . SERIAL NUMBER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety. Midway CarnEvil Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual. View and Download Midway CarnEvil operation manual online. 2 Player Dedicated 25 inch Video Game. CarnEvil Arcade Game Machines pdf manual.

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CarnEvil is set in the fictional town of Greely Valley, Iowa, wherein the unnamed protagonist take a tour through the town’s cemetery. Be careful when clearing audit information.

Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Move the game to its intended location. Tilt the glass slightly forward, grasp it firmly by its edges, and lift it out of the cabinet. The Main Menu screen allows you to view information, make changes, or verify equipment operation.

Turn ON game power. If you fail to avoid this hazard, it WILL cause death or serious injury. Reinstall xarnevil carriage bolts.


Carnevil – Videogame by Midway Games

Apply a mild glass cleaner to a clean cloth or sponge. Replace only with the same or equivalent type as recommended by the manufacturer.

Change switch settings and make other adjustments before mounting the unit. Appears to be on continuously dimly lit during game play. Switch off carnrvil to the game. Follow on-screen instructions to return to first menu.

Each color bar consists of 32 intensity levels. The game identifies one character with green shotgun blasts. Maintain maximum earnings by testino and recalibrating guns often. The marquee artwork may be removed if required. Be sure that printed circuit board PCB connectors mate properly. To avoid damaging a speaker, remove upper mounting screws first, and replace them last.

See Shotgun Troubleshooting Table. carndvil

Clean lens to remove fingerprints and dust. Remove all items from the shipping containers and set them aside. Fuse voltage and current ratings must match ratings on the original fuse.

Verify that lamp pins make good connection with socket contacts. This carevil also allows you to adjust the clock. Verify that Video Monitor operates correctly by placing it in known good unit.


Use tests on the Speaker Test menu to verify operation of audio system components. We recommend setting volume levels to a moderately high value whenever you perform sound tests. Some switches may not be used with this game.

A menu screen appears as below. The player enters the tent and fights toward the center ring, using a cannon, trapeze, and tightrope to reach it. Disconnect the wiring harness and the fuses from the interface board assembly. Using 2 volt A. Keep the item in its protective packaging until it is installed.

Midway CarnEvil Manuals

You can only select one highlighted item at a time. Verify that mechanism carnevll level when doors close. The electronic ballast in this assembly does not require a separate starter. Remove the fasteners holding the monitor frame to the upper and lower mounting brackets.