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The former downtown Eaton’s store in Montreal now Complexe Les Ailesalso designed by Ross and Macdonald, remains a landmark on Saint Cut,er Street and is occupied by a large shopping mall, however only the outer building’s shell remains. The Winnipeg statue was housed in the suburban Polo Park Mall for a few years afteruntil the Hudson’s Bay Company opened a Bay store at that catapogo and wanted the statue of its former competitor removed.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Catslogo now sits in the city’s new arena, Bell MTS Placeone floor up from nearly the same spot where it stood in the old store. The initial staff of grew to within a few weeks of the opening.

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The Globe and Mail. Many Canadians, particularly older Canadians, have fond memories of the Hqmmer stores and the catalogue. Three of its stores were converted to Eaton’s stores, and the others were permanently closed.

Eaton’s pioneered several retail innovations. Over time, the competition between the Simpson’s and Eaton’s department stores, facing each other across Queen Street West, became one of Toronto’s great business rivalries.

The Horizon chain was closed in Hammet sold private label appliances under the “Viking” label. This was unsuccessful and the company went bankrupt in August Eaton Company Limitedcommonly known as Eaton’swas a Canadian retailer that was once Canada ‘s largest department store chain.


Two shopping centres in Canada continue to be called Eaton Centres, namely the Toronto Eaton Centre and the Montreal Eaton Centrelocated in those cities nammer cores.


As Eaton’s grew, so ha,mer the catalogue. At the time, the company had an estimated 24, employees and over 90 retail outlets. Notably, the exterior of the Toronto Eaton Centre store can best be described as a mustard-coloured box, and is generally considered from an architectural perspective to be a poor replacement for the demolished Main Store.

Similarly, the main Vancouver store, connected to the downtown Pacific Centre mall, was also built in catallogo s as a large, white box. Filed for bankruptcy; caalogo were purchased by Sears Canada in He was replaced by a former rival and Sears Roebuck executive from the U. By March Sears announced they were ceasing publication of the newly resurrected Eaton’s catalogue “due to a lack of interest”.

Retrieved 7 November Inthe Toronto Eaton Centre opened in downtown Toronto, replacing two previous downtown Eaton’s stores. Construction was haphazard; all stores opened unfinished and renovations would continue well into The economic recession of the early s hurt the company.

As late as the s, Canadian Magazine estimated that Winnipeggers spent more than 50 cents of every shopping dollar excluding groceries at Eaton’s, and that on a busy day, one out of every ten Winnipeggers would visit the Portage Avenue store.

The chain finally folded in after operating for years. Eaton’s transformed retailing in Canada, and its methods were eagerly adopted by retailers throughout the world. Bythree more storeys were added to the store and other buildings were constructed. At the beginning of the 20th century, Eaton’s conducted a large business in Western Canada through its catalogue.

The complex — stretching m on several levels from Dundas to Queen Street and boasting stores — was anchored at the north end by a nine-storey Eaton’s store.

It served an important economic role, as it broke local monopolies and cafalogo all Canadians access to the prices and selection enjoyed in some catslogo the bammer cities. In AugustEaton’s announced that it would no longer sponsor the Santa Claus Parade, due to increasing costs.

People often rubbed the toe of the statue’s left shoe since it is believed by some to bring good luck to do so. The business prospered, and Eaton moved the store one block north chtler August into much larger premises at Yonge Street.


George Eatonthe last uammer the family to be involved in management, resigned as chief executive inbeing succeeded by George Kosich. In September of that year, creditors approved the restructuring plan. Eaton’s College Street in Toronto, opened inis an Art Deco masterpiece, and is currently used as a retail, office and xatalogo complex.

Private — Public — In the s and s, through the provincial government’s Ontario Downtown Renewal ProgrammeEaton’s was a partner in the development of downtown malls in smaller cities, intended to foster the revitalization of urban cores.

Stores that once served as landmarks in their communities were not renovated.

Many approaches to sales and service that are taken for granted by customers today were originally popularised by Timothy Eaton and his store. Because of the prevalent language and cultural barriers of the English- and French-speaking Canadian populations, his family is unaware that the item could be exchanged, and they do not wish to offend Mr. After the demise of Eaton’s, most stores were converted to other retail banners or other uses, with the downtown Winnipeg store generating the most controversy.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Catalogue order offices were also established throughout the country, with the first opening in Oakville in Aside from that controversy, the new retailing strategy was not only unsuccessful, it also gave rival Sears Canada the opportunity to move up to the market segment long dominated by Eaton’s.

Many Canadians were in shock. Eaton’s acquired a city block on Portage Avenue at Donald Street, and the five-storey Eaton’s store opened to much fanfare on July 15, Retrieved 9 April