Latest CCCS budget guidelines published. The UK’s largest debt charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has released it. and expenditure? for example, the CCCS advised budget for food . I understand that the April CFS housekeeping trigger figures may. Where can I go to see the CCCs budget guidelines for familys. by Tina Shortland» Wed Jul 27, pm. When you are discussing your.

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See more ccsc templates. Last edited by Latch Key Kid ; 27th June They want to know what level of normality will obtain and how much they will suffer or have to do without.

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CCCS budgeting guidelines

Fees and key info Complaints procedure. By and large the debtor has little choice but to go along with such modifications although the IP whom the debtor has nominated to act may enter into a dialogue with creditors and seek ccds get them to change their minds or soften the financial burden on the debtor a little.

This disposable income is the payment you make each month to your IVA and which is used to pay your unsecured creditors and to fund the administration costs of your IVA. The IP assumes all contact with your creditors on your budvet and makes the payments to your creditors out of the monies you pay into your IVA. Upgrade to become a bigger part of our community. If you would like to cancel your registration please Contact Us.


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This guifelines the place for new questions to be posted. I know anyone with payplan has access to guidelines through mypayplan these are nearly identical huidelines cccs guidelines. Because every case is different creditors must look at each IVA proposal before deciding how they vote. CCCS budgeting guidelines 26th June The answers to these sorts of questions are not set down in any one place and it is not easy to determine what expenses will be accepted by creditors and what will not.

Thanks for your help guys, its great to know there are people out there that care. Originally posted by enaid View Post. Mobile calls may be cheaper on The guidelinrs remedy is confidential and you don’t put your name or address on, just all of your income, expenditure and debt details. Remember me Hide my online status this session.

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joni :: Cccs budget guidelines report

Agree with Foggy – you need to put down exactly what you spend and your IP will tell you whether or not this is allowable or not. I recall saying this on another thread recently, but Buvget use an excel spreadsheet for our family budget and use the figures on this for my income and expenditure, buget that is exactly what I spend, no website or guidelines can tell me what we earn or how it is spent. Originally posted by millercc View Post.


Many people surf the web to try and find out about IVAs before taking the plunge of going to see an insolvency professional.

If your IVA is accepted, all of your creditors must cease recovery actions against you and must, by law, suspend all interest and charges.

IVA Living Expenses – Part 1

Its likely that a court would accept these trigger figures and would make a determination based on those figures. This ccs quite a sensible approach in so far as the understanding and knowledge gained will help the individual prepare for a deeper scrutiny of their personal finances, particularly if they are in financial trouble. Contact Us Terms Go to top. By using this website, you are consenting to such use.

Guielines need to have a regular source of income and have a reasonable amount of disposable income left over after taking into account your normal living expenses and the amount you need to keep back to service your secured debts such as your mortgage and car HP.

It could be as little as six months if you can offer a cash lump sum to your creditors. Thank u very much snuggzzz, your a diamond, i googled it and got the list too, excellent read and some of my figures are a lot lower than even the cccs guide.

Good luck and thanks very much.