We have a specific text about this type of cellulite (read: CELULITE | Causes and Treatment). In this article we will talk about cellulite, skin infection, which is a. CELULITE/ERISIPELA CONCEITO São infecções bacterianas caracterizadas pelo acometimento dos tecidos moles. A celulite compromete até a derme. creating pequenos bolsões depus. também multiple small pockets of pus. chamado celulite phlegmonous. cf. called alsophlegmonous celulite e erisipela.

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Piodermites – Erisipela e Celulite

Severe cases, with deep infections, can progress to osteomyelitis, which is the infection of the bone. Notice the figure below that represents the layers of our skin.

Nuevos avances en el conocimiento del sindrome postrombotico. It is no wonder that all living beings have some kind of tissue that plays the role of erisipepa skin. Several treatments are suggested in the literature, but with inconstant results. Therapeutic ultrasound for venous leg ulcers.

Lateral venous ulcer and short saphenous vein insufficiency. The photo below shows a clear example of the difference between cellulite and erysipelas. Epidemiology of chronic venous ulcers. Injuries to the face, severe lesions or in patients with immunosuppression should preferably be treated with intravenous drugs. In this article we will talk about cellulite, skin infection, which is a lesion similar to erysipelas and has nothing to do with cellulite of aesthetic medicine.

Br J Plast Surg.

Prior affliction by a dermohypodermitis is important for the recurrence of these infections due to the fact of occasioning local anatomic and functional altera- tions that in turn give rise to celuilte lymphedema. Of unknown etiology, it may be associated with viral or bacterial infections, hematological alterations and diabetes mellitus DM.


Piodermites – Erisipela e Celulite

SEPS and phlebectomy for chronic venous insufficiency. Escleredema de Buschke asociado a diabetes mellitus. Taking cultures of these infec- tions, mainly hemocultures, has been questioned as to its applicability, given that it is difficult to isolate the causa- tive agent and by the. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic wounds. The delimitation between diseased skin and healthy skin is clear.

Venous leg ulcers and squamous cell carcinoma: Lymphatic edema is a typical complication of repetitive erysipelas, but may also occur in cellulitis. When this infection occurs chronically, the destruction of these vessels can lead to chronic edema similar to that occurring in elephantiasis filariasis. Rio Branco, 39 The effect of aspirin on haemostatic activity in the treatment of chronic venous leg ulceration.

Cultured allografts as an adjunct to the medical treatment of problematic leg ulcers. Choucair M, Phillips TJ.


Erysipelas usually affects the superficial lymphatic celulire of the skin and may cause lymphatic edema. Prospective randomized study comparing the debriding effect of krill enzymes and a non-enzymatic treatment in venous leg ulcers. Diagnosed cases treated at first aid centers or hos- pital ambulatory clinics were not considered.

Clinical aspects of lower limb ulceration. A randomized clinical trial. Both lesions are very similar and often difficult to distinguish. This, however, is celjlite a rule.


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If left untreated, cellulitis and erysipelas can progress to sepsis with high risk of death for the patient. Among the most common are:.

This is a much lower incidence to that reported in the literature. Any material, whether organic or not, when exposed to the environment, acquires its load of microbes. Fritsch PO, Reider N. The lower limbs are the most affected sites in both erysipelas and cellulitis. Assinale a alternativa incorreta: Compression for venous leg ulcers. Em geral, afeta homens com idade acima de 40 anos, sobretudo pacientes obesos com DM de longa data ou mal controlado. Topical negative pressure for treating chronic wounds.

Any object or being of nature is filled with bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs on its surface. Minimally invasive surgical management of primary venous ulcers vs. Endoscopic versus open subfascial division of incompetent perforating veins in the treatment of venous leg ulceration: If we did not have skin, our organs would come in direct contact with these germs and we would have one infection after another.

Sequelae of Poliomyelitis 2 5. Efficacy of Daflon mg in venous leg ulcer healing: