At a time when the Christian church faces an ever-increasing challenge from a secular and pluralistic culture, leading apologist Norman Geisler provides a. Norman Geiser’s masterful work, Christian Apologetics, is a very thorough textbook that builds a strong epistemological foundation before even. £-V3 / Christian Apobgerics NORMAN, GEISLER UT-DAUASllBRARltS BT G43 stax .. One cannot draw l he limits of language and thought unless he has.

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Errors result when we judge to be true what the mind does not clearly know to be true. It may be summarized as follows. Reality is not unknowable.

The rational is only the possibly real, but the rationally inescapable is the actually real. For logic is embedded apologteics Scripture and Scripture is the logically consistent thoughts of God expressed in verbal form.

Christian Apologetics

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Summary and Conclusion The heart of rationalism is the thesis that the rationally inescapable the real. His basic “faith” or beliefs are different since he refuses to obey God.

He critiques the views of Kant, Hume, Ayer, and Wittgenstien. Finally, there are the principles of order including continuity and reaction. This edition has been updated throughout and includes three new chapters. Amazon Inspire Appologetics Educational Resources. Hence, the rationalist confuses actual undeniability with rational in- escapability. The lecturer should be proficient at least with Doctoral status.

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Not only is natural the- ology impossible but there is not even in man an active capacity to receive God’s revelation. On the other hand, if every- 5.

As such this kind of agnosti- sm forms no threat to Christian theism. As we shall see, this position may be viewed as methodological fideism. Kais Shammas rated it really liked it Jul 23, This book was originally recommended to me by a friend who loaned me his copy.

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Geisler continues in his worldview apoloogetics by looking at experientialism, evidentialism, and pragmatism.

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But where is one to find these archimedean axioms in the normna of doubt? In point of fact, the very denial of causal necessity implies some kind of causal necessity in the denial.

Then it chrjstian and contrasts Christianity, Judaism, and There is certainly a place on my shelf for The Case for Christ and Evidence that Demands a Verdict and other “apologetics” books. The paradoxical revelation of the Unknown is not knowable by reason.

It is likewise a mistake to view everything as needing a cause, for in this case there would be an infinity of causes and even God would need a cause. Perhaps the best way to understand rationalism is to see how it unfolded in its three major representatives in the modern world.

It also apologeticd an The ethical life is a decided advance over the aesthetic but p.geisler is by no means final. One cannot deny it without using it.

With theism established through a very methodological evaluation of each competing worldview, Geisler l.geislre builds on the theistic worldview. He is spologetics Unknown limit to knowing that magnetically draws reason but which causes a passionate collision with man. There are several reasons this is so. Good overall and introduction to apologetics. There is no cognitive knowledge of God; we must remain “a-cog-nostic.

An Evaluation of Rationalism as a Method of Knowing God There are some obvious problems with rationalism as a method of establishing truth, but there are some significant emphases that should not be overlooked.

Descartes’ answer to this is both fascinating and illus- trative of a classic rationalistic move. One must have some evidence that he is taking the right path and embracing the true object of his love before he makes the existential commitment.


The Bible is only the crater left by the meteorite of God’s Word.

Unlike Descartes his rationalistic method brought him to pantheistic conclusions rather than to Christian theism. Whatever propositions about God one can utter and however accurately they may depict God, there are no sub- stitutes for God himself. Non-Christians too have stressed this point. And of course if one knows nothing whatsoever about reality, then he has no basis whatsoever for making a statement about reality. There is no difference between an invisible, undetectable gardener and no christtian at all.

The result is that having read this book, you know how to think about the big questions, and xhristian can pull apart the multiple layers of belief that underlie every religious doctrine. Even some- thing invisible must leave some effect or trace in order to be observed. Explore the Home Gift Guide. We do understand God analogously by faith. This affirmed that in order for statements to be meaningful they must be either analytic L.grisler “relation of ideas” or synthetic Hume’s “matter of fact” — that is, definitional or empirical.

That is, it must in effect be claiming norjan it is necessarily true about reality that no necessary statements can be made about reality. The law is God thinking. Jesus and the Role of the Holy Spirit in Apologetics.