In , she published an autobiography called Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir. Reviewing the. Join Sibel Edmonds at her Website In this startling memoir, Sibel Edmonds— the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that. Classified Woman (Image: Sibel Edmonds)Sibel Edmonds is a former language specialist for the FBI, where she reported serious acts of.

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Sibel Edmonds’ “Classified Woman”

There is no need to go looking for the terrorists who seek to destroy America, they are right here amongst us. But until recently the US carried on a pretense of democracy and freedom at home. Edmonds had been visiting her extended family in Turkey every year, but now she knew she could never again visit the country, because she would probably be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed.

Sibel’s “problem” is that she is honest and does a professional job. Whistle blowers, conspiracy theorists and boiling frogs.

Please review our Comment Policy before posting a comment. She deserves a medal for her valiant effort, but the cards were always stacked classfiied her. I thought this was a very powerful story.

Classified woman

Want to Read saving…. The book itself is overlong; some segments classifief told through ecmonds when a brief factual summary would have sufficed and would have kept the narrative flowing better. Due to this, most of the mega-publishing companies refused to publish her story. I had an odd reaction to this book.


After becoming a citizen Ms. She assumed that someone higher up in the FBI needed to know and would address the problem.

If our filtering system detects that you may have violated our policy, your comment will be placed in a queue for moderation. Then came the election, when Barack Obama was elected. Lists with This Book. They don’t classifled to know about serious and embarrassing problems, no matter how scandalous.

The Sibel Edmonds Story

Jan 21, Sue-Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Edmonds was outraged and nauseated by his venal and avaricious attitude. Jul 29, A. This book is written in blood and tears, the blood of all the innocent people the United States government has tortured and killed with impunity, and the tears of someone who suffered greatly in attempting to avert those deaths and to preserve what had appeared to be freedoms. It is Clsssified fictional.

In many whistleblower cases, the mass media are powerful allies. If we want our country back, we have to do it ourselves. Atlanta Buffalo Cleveland Tampa. Dec 01, Cyrus Carter rated it it was amazing. Having worked for the government I feel an affinity for Sibel – and the incredible stand she took in the face of her superiors insisting that she stand down.

I can’t be the only one to think there’s something wrong with her account. She felt it was her duty as a loyal employee and citizen to report the security risks she discovered – including external risks to the US and internal risks within the FBI – to higher authorities. Her relatives in Turkey were threatened and ceased all communication with her.


The World of Corporate Managers by Robert Jackallthe more serious factor is the mafia-like nature of those in power. Archived from the original on 15 October Sibel Edmonds, Classified Woman: Indeed Ms Edmonds is the scapegoat with no one in the FBI willing to stand with her or fight for her when she threatens to expose this corruption.

So these cases were closed down.

She trusted the system and wman the penalty. Refresh and try again. A must read by anyone who care The incompetence and corruption that she uncovered will have you feeling outraged!

So determined was the government to prevent Edmonds edjonds succeeding in court that it invoked a little-used law, state secrets privilege, to prevent the case from proceeding. I believe her when she describes what they do to employees who try to bring them unwelcome messages, and I believe her descriptions of the ways they get back at whistleblowers.