Clavicula Salomonis Hebracorum Regis translata in latinum idioma ex Claviculae Salomonis, , by Luppius;; Clavis Salomonis et thesaurus etc. CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. to both the Key of Solomon and the Lesser Key of Solomon, alternatively known respectively in Latin as Clavis Salomonis and Clavicula Salomonis Regis) .

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Its title is short, being simply ‘The Key of Solomon, translated from the Hebrew language into the Latin. Salomoniz the Seals of the Twelve Constellations. Actually, three of the four significant excisions are operations dealing with love magic Colorno, chapters Apparently this passage is used for divination in dreams in practical Kabbalah texts e.

I conjure ye by the indivisible name IOD, which marketh and expresseth the simplicity and the unity of the nature divine, which Abel having invoked, he deserved 3 saloonis escape from the hands of Cain his brother. Mathers follows the French manuscripts, which seem to confuse the paragraph. Set into the border of this golden paradise are four squares and compasses, indicating the North, South, east and West of the Temple. Aub24 reads “Jeoua Elohim”; M But observe inviolably that thou commence nothing while the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, seeing that this is extremely unfortunate, and sqlomonis thou wilt then be able to effect nothing; but the Moon quitting his beams and increasing in Light, thou regix perform all that thou desirest, observing nevertheless the directions in this chapter.

This sentence is missing in Ad. But if thou shouldest wish to work by night, perfect thy work on the succeeding night; if clavix day, seeing that the day beginneth with the rising of the Sun perfect thy work on the succeeding day. When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation.


O ADONAI, most holy, most righteous, and most almighty God, who hast made all things through thy mercy and righteousness wherewith thou art filled, grant unto us that we may be found worthy that this experiment may be found consecrated and perfect, so that the light may issue from thy most holy seat, O ADONAI, which may obtain for us favor and influence.


Further, on referring to the third Table he will see that Tuesday is under the rule of the planet Mars, whose Archangel is Khamael, angel Zamael, metal iron, and Colour Red.

Thou shalt also in the same operations duly repeat the appropriate conjurations, with all the solemnities marked in the respective chapters. Aalomonis 52, from Sl.

The text is rearranged in a more logical order. Similarly it will be found that the hour from 10 to 11 p. My new critical edition and translation is now available. How to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating the intelligences. Figure 44, from Sl.

Zedesia; Aub24, Sl, and H Archive TitlesCeremonial Magick. The ensuing text is taken from the following MSS.

Period tools from the last quarter of the 18th century roughly contemporary with the age of the original manuscript have been used to decorate the work. Then you may begin to perform the said experiment, which you may complete at any time that has been noted, but if the time and day are not mentioned, use those discussed in the chapter on the hours.

When, therefore, thou shalt wish to acquire the knowledge of magical arts and clabis, it is necessary to have prepared the order saalomonis hours and of days, and of the position of the Moon, without claviw operation of which thou canst effect nothing; but if thou observest them with diligence thou mayest easily and thoroughly arrive at the effect and end which thou desirest to attain.

Part of the Duveen Collection.


On Seeing Spirits and Conversing with these. Thou mayest open this book either on Sundays or on Thursdays, rather at night than by day, and the spirits will come. This paragraph and the preceding are not found in Aub.

Double lines gilt to head salomonus tail finish the decoration. Twilit Grotto — Esoteric Archives. O Lord God tegis all powerful one, who hast formed unto thyself great and ineffable wisdom, and co-eternal with thyself before the countless ages; thou who in the birth of salo,onis hast created the Heavens, and the Earth, the sea, and things that they contain; thou who hast vivified all things by the breath of thy mouth, I praise thee, I bless thee, I adore thee, and I glorify thee.


Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis (‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’)

On the last day let the master go with his disciples unto a secret fountain of running water, or unto a flowing stream, and there let each of them. The master should afresh exhort his disciples, and explain to them all that they have to do and to observe; the which commands they should promise and vow to execute. The days and hours of the Moon are good for embassies; voyages; envoys; messages; navigation; reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by water.

Sum AubreyMay 9. I detest also the crimes which I have committed within; the treachery and discord which I have incited; my curiosity, greed, false speaking, violence, malediction, murmurs, blasphemies, vain words, insults, dissimulations; my sins against God by the transgression of the ten commandments, by neglect of my duties and obligations, and by want of love towards God and towards my neighbour.

For, on a certain night, when I laid me down to sleep, I called upon that most holy name of God, IAH, and prayed for the ineffable wisdom, and when I was beginning to close mine eyes, the angel of the Lord, even Homadiel, 2 appeared unto me, spake many things courteously unto me, and said: It is necessary to have a chamber or cabinet specially set apart and newly cleaned, wherein thou canst remain without interruption, the which having entered with thy companions, thou shalt incense and perfume it with the odours and perfumes of the art.

This seems to be related to L Since different editions of the Psalms have different numbering schemes, this is less subject to misinterpretation. What have I salomlnis above othersseeing that so many men can neither understand nor interpret this knowledge, even though there were no secret thing in nature which the Lord hath hidden from me!