The fourth novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker series plunges two lovers into a game where danger and passion lurk. Conspiracy Game (GhostWalkers, Book 4) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth novel in #1 New York Times. Conspiracy Game is the fourth title in the Ghostwalker Series of paranormal romance by Christine Feehan. Conspiracy Game.

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The moment the guards moved on, he began to inch toward the forest again. Night fell fast in the jungle. Jack kept moving steadily across the ground heading for the area where the guards were heaviest, his goal the circle of vehicles with the cargo inside. It was so much fun listening to them together. His reputation for brutality was widespread chriatine few would be willing to oppose him. It was too late for him.

His only salvation is his power of telepathy. His own father killed his mother and tried to kill him and his brother because of his intense jealousy. Somewhere in the distance Jack caught the cry of the chimpanzees and immediately sorted through the sounds in the rainforest until he caught the one he was waiting for—the christinw of movement through brush.

I also mention some minor bugs. In the meantime, he had to plan his way to freedom.

Conspiracy Game

He was nearly to the vehicles when one of the guards turned abruptly and walked straight toward him.


I love Feehan, but I am picky about my PNR genre, so in trying out her Drake Sisters seriesI found it was a total bust for me, and I am still trying to get into her Leopard seriesbut I keep putting it off. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? However, I just love the Dark Series to pieces! Both eyebrows raised, she turned to Ken. Your display name should be ggame least 2 characters long.

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

For one moment his fingers closed in her hair in a tight fist. It’s not bad it’s just not new but I did like them a lot. Loved the bond of brotherhood between the twins, Jack and Ken. I think she and Jack are very alike in a lot of ways. He was a GhostWalker and the shadows welcomed him. I love the brother bonding. But sometimes, rebels cgristine the worst of your worries.

Anyone who dared to threaten him, someone he loved or something he believed clnspiracy, deserved to die. I conspkracy no idea if their story continues in future books, but there was too much left unresolved for me to call it a HEA.

They had a taste for it now, and the power drove them to continue. Jun 30, Vfields Don’t touch my happy! The General ruled the area with a ruthless and bloody hand, keeping people in line with swift violence whenever he deemed lessons necessary.

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And Jack and Briony’s flight will take them into frightening conspiracy of mind and body–across the globe and into the heart of darkness, where the shocking truth is something neither of them could have foreseen–or can escape. Just as Jack and Briony reach this new understanding, the house comes under attack.


So who the hell had sold him out?

But sometimes, when he sat thirty feet up in a tree with a rifle in his hands and death surrounding him, he wondered what it would be like to have a home and family. I cannot believe Briony is also a twin! OMG I am a sucker for babies in stories and good fathers are so sexy. I will read his book because i loved him and he so deserves his own HEA!

October 31, Number of Pages: What is better than a book about Sexy twin Super Soldiers Nothing!!!!!! While running he meets up with Briony who is a Ghostwalker like him. But xonspiracy mission to rescue his brother in the jungle has left him vulnerable to rebel forces. So what we have are powerful, hard, muscular, military men with extraordinary powers who are full of honor, justice and mercy, but who also are dangerous, tough, lethal, merciless and deadly when needed.

The soldiers fired back, bullets smacking into the trees around him. It sounded simple enough, but he had to work his way through the rebel encampments between Kinshasa and his present position.

He breathed deeply, forcing his mind away from the madness of his perpetual—and all too real nightmares.