Title, CPS, Cuestionario de Personalidad Situacional Issue of Publicaciones de psicología aplicada. Serie menor. Authors, José Luis. CPS, Cuestionario de Personalidad Situacional, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. CUESTIONARIO DE PERSONALIDAD SITUACIONAL AUTORES: J.L. Fern Resultados de la prueba CPS mediante el sistema

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Test CPS (by ca)

Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Clinical Psychology Review, 31 3 Carmen Albano 25 – Prof.

Test Plan by Amit Rathi. All of this information is important pefsonalidad designing more effective prison rehabilitation strategies. The broad scope of implementation achieved in the male population any criminal category, age, education level and nationality facilitates its replicability in future studies and gives an important role to the personality construct in explaining criminal behavior, beyond other factors, both static and dynamic, contemplated in different criminological theories e.

Carmen Albano 18 Hoja de respuestas Prof. Penitentiary trajectory was added because it is strongly associated with recidivism, and it is the variation of the penitentiary treatment degree in the initial classifi cation. International Journal of Psychological Research, 6 1persinalidad In the future, in addition to replicating the predictive capacity of the proposed items, it would be interesting to defi ne their content, which traits are grouped together and which ones are the best predictors, and their psychometric characteristics.

In addition, this study has been limited to the territorial scope of Catalonia Spain.

Cuestionario de personalidad situacional (CPS) (Book, ) []

Carmen Albano 28 – Prof. Validation of the predictive model.

siituacional Tasa de reincidencia penitenciaria [Prison recidivism rate ]. Please review it for its methodologies, and if you so choose to, adapt it to YOUR skills. It means that an a posteriori probability calculation was made, once it had been verifi ed which participants were recidivist and nonrecidivist. Mis problemas prefiero solucionarlos yo. The values of the ROC curve coordinates.


International Journal of Psychological Research, 6 1 The predictive precision level found sittuacional not often been surpassed by other scales in their respective specifi c areas.

Empiezo cosas que luego no termino. It was dichotomous, operationalized cueationario two categories, no antecedents of degree regression or antecedents of degree regression. The violent criminal typology shows a low frequency with regard to general recidivism. In addition, measurements were obtained for the following variables see Table 1: These items were introduced together as predictor variables in a logistic regression equation.

Carmen Albano 17 Cuadernillo Prof. It means that an a posteriori probability calculation was made, once it had been verifi ed which participants were recidivist and nonrecidivist.

However, the predictive power of the true positives the people who actually relapsedwas Law and Human Behavior, 24 1 Simultaneously, there should be no differences between the non-recidivists rehabilitated and the control group general populationor within the control group based on relevant characteristics, such as being Spanish or not.

Generalmente no necesito consejo de nadie. As limitations, it should be pointed out that these scales require specifi c training, they take a long time to duestionario completed, and they have a predominance of items related to non-modifi able variables e. These were summarized using percentiles.

CPS, Cuestionario de Personalidad Situacional

Personality scales are constructed by grouping characteristics of items that are applied personlaidad standard or clinical samples. Si alguien me infravalora de forma reiterada, me mantengo personalidax mi sitio y le demuestro lo que valgo.

Thus, Luque, Ferrer, and Capdevilaafter a 4. Dr factor analysis of StaticR]. Control co gnitivo Ccg Prof. Cuestionario de personalidad situacional CPS Author: Sin duda, mis superiores pueden depositar en mi su confianza Procuro ser el mejor en casi todo.

Assessment of the risk of violence: A comparative study of risk assessment tools: Systematic review and meta-analysis. It would be necessary to perform replications in other geographical areas, which would reduce many sources of error in the detection of itinerant criminal recidivism throughout the national territory.


It is composed of dichotomous items typifi ed in a sample of 39, Spanish people and grouped in 15 personality variables emotional stability, anxiety, selfconcept, effectiveness, confi dence, independence, dominance, cognitive control, sociability, social adjustment, aggressiveness, tolerance, social intelligence, integrity and leadership3 measures of validity sincerity, social desirability, and control of answersand 5 second-order factors adjustment, leadership, independence, consensus and extraversion.


CPS, Cuestionario de Personalidad Situacional :

In another prospective study by Capdevila et al. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

The invariance in the factorial structure of the Raven in groups of criminals and non-criminals. All the analyses supported the expected predictions: Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 46 3 Write a review Rate this item: In another prospective study by Capdevila et al. These variables would indicate a balance between the intimidating values of imprisonment sensitivity to punishment and the incentive to achieve objectives by breaching the penal code sensitivity to reward. Law and Human Behavior, 24 1 Fernandez Seara “.

Another important problem is that the predictive studies of recidivism often confuse penitentiary recidivism return to prison for committing a new crime with criminal withdrawal abandonment of the criminal career throughout the life cycle. A score for each participant was calculated using the weighting coeffi cients of the logistic regression equation.