Ctags is first run on its own to generate a “tags” file, then it is invoked from within These commands were tested with Vim (), but will likely work with Vi or. I absolutely love Vim, and I use Vim for all my coding and writing from Depending on command line arguments and the language ctags is run. Ctags lets you navigate code fast, and is perhaps the single most useful productivity Coupled with some integration with your editor (shown: Vim’s that’s got multiple definitions, use these commands to sift through them all.

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By default, you rarely will have to use this command, because once the “tags” file is found in the root directory, the tags are generated on each file saving. All of the information in this tutorial, and lots more advanced information, can be found there. Like all Linux programs, Ctags has a man page man 1 ctags.

Let this question and answers move to Quora and grow that site while we stubbornly keep closing helpful questions and answers”. They use ctags and cscsope.

Alternatively, you may wish to use cscope to find function and structure definitions, or just use the third step of the Vim instructions below. Vim-Tags is under active development.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. S assembly files in the kernel, then tell etags to append the tags in those files to the TAGS file. I use my own suite, and a few other plugins.

Vim-Tags plugin treats Ctags like more tightly coupled within a concrete project. Give him a little slack.

Browsing programs with tags

And afterwards, you can jump right back to where you were working. Ctags for Vim appears to do a better commajds of separating “definitions” from “uses” in its tags file, so this is less of a problem for Vim; for Emacs, there may be other ways to mitigate this problem see this pagefor example. Note Even the list of all definitions given by tags-apropos may be too large to find the definition that you’re looking for.


Ctags will walk through the directory recursively, tagging all source files it encounters.

There are two ways to avoid this problem:. Some alternatives are listed below, but it is better to use Exuberant Ctags unless you know that your circumstances require something else. However, many other custom scripts or tools are used for the occasions when ctags is not suitable.

Permission denied” while etags is building the tags file. These commands will also accept regular expressions, so, for example,: Each wanted word is known as a “tag”, for example, each function name or global variable may be a tag. Also, it can perform tags creation upon each file saving through forking – available under Unix-like operating systems.

Never miss a story from freeCodeCamp. What is the advantage of cscope over ctags? If there are multiple tag matches, you can browse through all of them in the preview window using several of the Vim ex commands.

Browsing programs with tags | Vim Tips Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

How can I remap the ctags hotkeys? Ctags is a tool that will sift through your code, indexing methods, classes, variables, and other identifiers, storing the index in a tags file. Cscope can find all the places calling a function.

Retrieved from ” http: Depending on command line arguments and the language ctags is run against, a lot of information can be obtained from this index. Contents [ show ]. It shouldn’t vommands too long, and it’s worth your time.

Navigate code like a pro with Ctags

If there are multiple tag matches, you can browse through all of them using several of the Vim ex commands. I use vim in macos, and the original ctags doesn’t work well, so I chags newest and configure make make install it. You can position the cursor over the tag name and press g] to get a list of matching tags. Life Changing Helpful Unfulfilling. By default, it generates only the “tags” file collecting tags from all files nad subdirectories of the current working directory – assuming it’s the root of the project.


The second command can be used to search for any tag in the TAGS file, regardless of the file you are currently viewing. Following is an example of defining a language for Exuberant Ctags.

You can use it more often to follow more calls. I bim this is more intuitive and cleaner than the default. If you are using MacVim then add this line to vimrc ‘set macmeta’.

Even the list of all definitions given by tags-apropos may be too large to find the definition that you’re looking for. I suppose it depends on your tolerance for speed, but the time to lookup 1 directory isn’t noticeably different from 8 on my machine. Ctags will make it much easier to find the Linux kernel files that you have commandz modify for your CSE projects.

C-t goes back one level in the C-] stack, while C-o goes back to a previous cursor position after a movement.

Ctags Tutorial

Going up to root is excessive. If you have questions or remarks about this site, visit the vimonline development pages. Ctags with Vim Note These commands were tested with Vim 7. Good comprehensive answer, but he’s here to learn.