de Beaugrande, Robert-Alain und Wolfgang U. Dressler. Einführung in die Textlinguistik (= Konzepte der Sprach- und. : Introduction to Text Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library) ( ): R. de Beaugrande, W. Dressler: Books. among elements). This utilization is carried out via procedures of ACTUALIZATION” (de Beaugrande and Dressler. 35). This definition is.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Any text that lacks texture would simply be a bunch of isolated sentences that have no relationship to each other. It is not a grammatical unit, like a clause or a sentence; and it is not defined by its size [….

This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat The event of “raining” causes the event of “washing the spider out” because it creates the necessary conditions for the latter; without the rain, the spider will not be washed out. In order to do this both producer and addressee have to adhere to the pragmatic cooperative principle which states that one has to make the maximum effort to enable a piece of intended communication to be a success. Text type, the desirability of goals and the political and sociocultural setting, as well as cohesion and coherence are important in influencing the acceptability of a text.

Text linguistics

In contrast to Humpty Dumpty’s action of sitting on the wall which enables the action of falling down, there is a plan involved here; Humpty Dumpty did not sit on the wall so that it could fall down but Old Mother Hubbard went to the an so that she could get a bone. Thereby, cohesion is the result of “semantic ties”, which refers to the dependent links between items within a text.

Therefore, “slow” is more likely to be interpreted as a motion than as the speed at which cars are travelling. This refers to the property of language such that each line in a text is linked from or linked to the previous line. Crane, [10] A feature of texture is “sequential implicativeness”, as suggested by Schegloff and Sacks Some classifications divide the types of texts according to their function.


Introduction to text linguistics – Robert De Beaugrande, Wolfgang U. Dressler – Google Books

Applied linguistics Discourse analysis Systemic functional linguistics Text. This is the meaning that the roles of and relationships among participants give to the understanding of the text.

All the gifts were wrapped in colored paper. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The surface text is the set of expressions actually used; these expressions make some knowledge explicitwhile other knowledge remains implicitthough still applied during processing. In other text types such as puns, for example “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana’, there is no need to refer to any other text.

In any text there is a producer who has the intention to produce a sound piece of information to a receptor. Without cohesion and coherence, intended goals may not be achieved due to a breakdown of communication. For xressler communication beauggande take place there must be interaction between cohesion and other standards of textuality because the surface alone is not decisive.

Informally published manuscript, English and German Studies, Retrieved from www. In this way, the situation decides the sense and use of the text.

There may be different interpretations anv the road sign. Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? This is the meaning that the language, written or spoken, gives to the understanding of the text.

He was also a major figure in the consolidation of critical discourse analysis. Most users should sign in with their email address. Its original aims lay in uncovering and describing text grammars. This in effect means that in every situation in which language is used, the quality and effect of the communication is determined by beaugdande contextual knowledge shared by the participants.


Sitting on a wall makes it possible but not obligatory for falling down to occur. Non-communicative texts are treated as non-texts.

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Halliday and Hasan, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Situationality can affect the means deessler cohesion; less beaurgande text may be more appropriate than more cohesive text depending on the situation. A full understanding of a text is often impossible without reference to the context in which it occurs. As such, coherence encompasses inferencing based on one’s knowledge. Others differ because they take into consideration the topic of the texts, the producer and the addressee, or the style.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. While language is a virtual system of available options not yet in use, the text is an actual system in which options have been taken from their repertoires and utilized in a particular structure relations between beaugrahde among elements.

On the other hand, there is generic coherence when the text can be recognized as belonging to a certain genre. However, the most neaugrande interpretation of the text is obvious because the situation in which the text is presented provides the context which influences how text receivers interpret the text.

For example, texts that are open to a wide range of interpretations, such as “Call us before you dig. Check date values in: Citing articles via Google Scholar.

I was not invited.

The action of sitting on the wall created the necessary but not sufficient conditions for the action of falling down.