The DELTA XTEND System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, . DePuy Delta Xtrend prosthesis has been designed using the lastest scientific, . Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System: recovery, function, and survivorship. 1. DePuy Delta Xtend tools; From DePuy Delta set – “Delta Extras” set. Impactor handle with simulated wood grip; Ball impactor head; Cup impactor head; Humeral.

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Reverse shoulder prosthesis / cementless – Delta XTEND™ – Depuy Synthes

The largest 42mm glenosphere is recommended by the manufacture if the size of the joint allows to increase both the overlap and the range of motion. With this method, the cut is started and the cutting guide is later removed to allow the blade to complete its cut. With everything aligned properly, drive the trial implant down.

Drive the proximal reaming guide down until complete contact between the metal block and the resectioned bone surface is achieved.

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The preferred position is usually chosen by palpating the anterior and posterior aspects of the scapula as well as examining the X-rays. If unable to reduce the joint, the options include additional soft tissue releases and lowering the level of humeral resection. This ensures that the glenosphere will either be perpendicular to xted plane of the glenoid face or have a slight inferior tilt which may reduce the risk of scapular notching.

The eccentric glenospheres are recommended by the manufactures for more transverse scapular necks. Fit the appropriate trial glenosphere to the the metaglene using the metaglene holder if necessary. Redirect and re-drill if uncontained.


The deuy component is cementless with four screws ctend primary fixation and HA coating for secondary fixation. After marking your cutting line with the bovi, remove the cutting guide. Use the manual glenoid reamer to ream the glenoid anteriorly, posteriorly and inferiorly if necessary. The trigger on the saw is configured for variable speed. ROM of the operative shoulder should be measured and recorded on the board in the following order: A Comparative Biomechanical Study.

If used, insert the 1.

Depuy Synthes | Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System

Use a saw to carefully cut the humeral head. Use the humeral cutting guide from the old DePuy Delta set to mark the cut angle on deluy humeral head. Similar Devices of 3. By doing this, it increases the deltoid lever arm as well as the deltoid tension therefore allowing the muscles of the deltoid group to compensate for rotator cuff deficiency. Note – this is not the same pin used earlier to guide glenoid reaming. The first set of gloves are removed and the second prep is performed in the same manner as delts first.

All inquiries can be submitted by email to: To obtain optimal compression of the metaglene plate on bone, alternate tightening of the superior and inferior locking screws.

Some surgeons may wish to insert a one-inch gauze pre-soaked in an epinephrine 1: Please note that information on xten site was NOT authored by Dr. The manufacture recommends power reaming but CTA patients often have soft bone and power may be overkill and dangerous. The modular humeral stem and epiphysis components are HA coated and intended for cementless use.


The screw depth gauge can also be used to assess optimal screw length. Design Rationale and Biomechanics. Insert the metaglene holder hex tip in the final metaglene implant central hole and tighten the assembly. Keep up to date Subscribe to our newsletter. This should go from the patient’s armpit to the patient’s neck.

Depuy Synthes | Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System | Which Medical Device

Determine the trial size of the cement restrictor and gauge the implantation depth. The xtedn recommends humeral reaming at this point, but this can be xetnd later if the surgeon chooses to use the old Delta humeral cutting instead of the new complex cutting system. Identify the midline of the humerus and mark the humeral head so that it is centered over the humeral shaft. If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website.

The glenosphere implants are available in two diameters, 38 mm and 42 mm, and are either standard or eccentric spheres. After the two initial drapes are placed under the head shoulder and over the waist, one drape is place over the chest and feet. Approach Prior to making an incision, a formal timeout xetnd be performed by the attending circulating nurse, and anesthesia team.

The fancy cut protector shown left may be deota at the discretion of the surgeon.