Ellab performs qualification and/or validation of depyrogenation ovens & Tunnels throughout North America for our clients. Qualification and/or validation. Depyrogenation Validation. Depyrogenation Tunnel K1. Study made using TrackSense loggers and sensors from Ellab A/S Denmark. Validation Protocol for Sterilization and Depyrogenating Tunnel used in sterile the sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel to sterilize & depyrogenate different.

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Record the set parameters of the sterilization cycle to be operated during the test. Name of testing instrument: My question is, should the glass vials selected to carry the thermosensors be on the same line or theses glass vials should be selected randomly or based on a specific load schedule although we are referring to a tunnel?

Once you have the belt speed, temperatures and worst case location, you can start performance testing. I persume the tunnel must be loaded with the glass vials selected as worst cases ; the thermosensors inserted on 8 vials and have them again pass through the tunnel for the requested period of time. A minimum of a three log reduction in endotoxin must be demonstrated. Get Free Updates Shazia Assistant manager validation fgh yahoo.

Hi Dear Shahnawaz Plz let me know regarding the calculation of 3 log reduction of endotoxins in case of tunnel validation. Your help is very much appreciated, since I have to perform the validation tomorrow noon. The manufacturer has provided the set point for temperature but no other data such as belt speed, which we will have to identify with respect to remaining time in order to achieve the requested Fh value.


Dear Forum, What z-value and reference temperature value shall be used in calculating Fh for a depyrogenation cycle, using dry heat oven? Inoculate glassware or vials with a minimum of 5, EU of E. In deed the thermosensors we are using have 6m length, therefore no problem on that.


No containers should be damaged, none hung up, or dislodged. You should be able to discern the belt location that is your worst case, empty by FH values. Depyrogenation devices, such as tunnels, are used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare components for aseptic filling. The unit is supplied with heat resistant HEPA filters Operational Qualification In addition to the common requirements outlined in the “General” section, the tunnel differential pressures prevent air travel from the dirty to clean areas.

Count 1 C 1. Length of sterilizing zone. What about overkill parameters? I will be using C for two hours for the depyrogenation process. Thank you both for the clarifications.

So, no need for d values and oC. Then you can make a comparison between empty chamber FH values and full chamber FH values.

Titanium Tetra Chloride Chemical Used. Heat delivery and depyrogenation will be monitored by thermocouples and endotoxin reduction respectively. Conclusion will be drawn after compilation and evaluation of result.

Infrared tunnels, which heat components, not the air, cannot be mapped in the absence of bottles. Data Logger with 12 Probes duly calibrated. Yes, I think you have it.

Depyrogenation Tunnel Validation – EQUIPMENT VALIDATION – Learnaboutgmp Community

What I plan to do is to use 8 thermosensors placed on the same line and have them pass through the tunnel under the requested period of time and the set temperature. Dear Gigastrom, If you still have any problem regarding tunnel qualification and validation of sterilization cycle then you can ask freely. I am currently using a reference temp of C and a Z value of 20, however our operating setpoint isand I am calculating cumulative Fh values in the 20, minutes delyrogenation.


HEPA Filter integrity testing. Temperature uniformity and delivery of heat will be documented. Also place one in the cold belt location from the empty chamber. Leakage in the filter should not be more than 0.

Purified Water System IQ. Record the temperature at various locations. Abstract ABSTRACT Beyond the usual engineering aspects of validation with regard to specification, installation, commissioning, qualification, and calibration, the two important aspects of validation of dry heat processes are thermal validation and endotoxin validation.

Sterility means the complete absence of all viable microorganisms. A deviation indicates variance from the acceptance criteria however, does not necessarily mean that the qualification as unacceptable.

At least three endotoxin studies will be performed on each valldation size.

I valieation you have a good start, your first test will show uniformity across the belt and through the tunnel. We are trying to shorten our oven depyrogenation cycle from 3 hrs dwell at C to 15 min dwell C.