Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post. Dirtside II and other 6mm scifi combat games has members. Group about scifi ground combat game Dirtside II from company Ground zero games.

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Todd Farnholtz December 24 at 3: I have to admit that DS2 is one damn good game. Finally the Ground Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts. Gradually other interests came and went and somewhere in the process I moved from England to Spain. Nicolas Baban pirate indy.

Dirtside II

Morale is easy and seems realistic. Rules cover armor, infantry, artillery, combat walkers, and aerospace support forces. Units dirgside two sections to their phase, movement and combat action. Finally found some time to finish these trucks. Clayton Randall December 22 at 8: Each miniature represents an individual combatant. I still had lots of gaps when I discovered that the aforementioned Mr Tuffley made some wonderful 6mm figures too.


Then the opposing player moves an entire unit. The alternate platoon activation is quite nice, as are the morale rules. Join Dirtsde settings More.

Next I worked on unit organisation. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Miniatures Rules: Dirtside II Science Fiction Miniatures Game

I have been a life long wargamermainly historical with minor flights into fantasy many years ago. KS fulfillment from Bradley Miniatures has arrived. Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit. Rico Danan December 26 at 3: Anyway to cut a long story short, whilst visiting a wargames show in the UK I spotted a set of rules written by Jon Tuffley and Mike Elliot. Dick McGee shared a link.

Mine is 60 for a big bus. If you have material you would like to make available to the Net, also let us know. Not detailed but to complicated. December 24 at 7: The op-firing unit didtside loses its phase for that turn.


December 21 at The rules look complex, but with use of the design cards play is fast and easy. Epic was tried and discarded.

Matthew Levrier 10 hrs. That old interest in sc-fi lingered on however.

Dirtside 2 (DS2) Review | Dirtside II | BoardGameGeek

My old MBT was points. As a result of some untimely wars in which real people die and sometimes are known personally or even friends, the ultra modern scene can start to be uncomfortable.

Place “subscribe gzg-l” in the body of the message, and send it to majordomo csua. The c3 and combat systems are quite elegant. What is a good tank build and support elements that you have seen.