[71, Uhlenbeck in De Structuur van het Javaanse. Morpheem (Bandoeng, ). With Reich- ling and Uhlenbeck, Hoff counts the word and the sentence. Get this from a library! A Dravidian etymological dictionary,. [T Burrow; M B Emeneau]. Published: (); Dravidian comparative phonology; a sketch, A Dravidian etymological dictionary: supplement / by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau.

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Mand p2h- to spread math cold Pe pini cold. Tu y5ta engine for drawing water Te Jtavalu slope, slant. Pe nox- nost-nui- nust- to wash.

Sitka trap for small birds, snare [delete from Ittlrl Ta alakujaw. Konda inir u Pe ep, fpei acc- dat. Kuwi Su P plh- plst- id? TLS amanfalam castor oil plant. Konda mpi id Pe nir.

V Ta sad -V- -nt- to split, cut Ka. Kuwi Su pata nakl palm of hand. Konda tulba straight, erect. Kuwi Su P aya pi -ska woman, Su lya pi -ska id, mother, miya your mother Malt. Cf Kur tlrkhnl Kur tlrjgll fly Malt tilngru the common fly SSI 9 Kur tlmmna to bungle at husk- ing paddy break the grams in the process of pounding, tlmmrnl paddy grams to be brittle Malt feme to prose false as an arrow not going off Pe tir- -t- to sprinkle, inlem tirpa- Kuwi Su dir- -h-P dtl- F dlj-hall, T dir- to sprinkle Te tlni a sort of basket for catch- ing fish Go Ko tlrr hencoop, cage for carrying fowls Foe Konda llrl a small fish basket SS32 Te tlnna straight, direct, shottest, straightforward, honest, candid, proper, nght, correct, tlnnigS straight, straighdy, directly, in a straight or direct line, straight forwardly, honestly, properly, well, tln- nadanamu straightness, directness, etctlnnanl straight, straightforward, honest Go Ko tinap straight FoeLuS teenta id ,?

Ms Ko kannlr ,d Voc hands kaner u id Pe kaner id huwi Su. Ms pif- id, wnng Joe Konds pir- -It- to draw milkdraw out od by pressing the seeds under oil presssqueeze Ta. Ka kompe a small thorn bush, a small bundle or load of thorny. S, s. Kuwi ling, grumbling, murmuring, parancele Su. Mind penl id Kuwi Kuwi Su.

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P kite plin hipbone for pQn, cf Kin gldri knee-cap Kw Su. Go Ko koma branch of tree Foe Pe komo hom. Lush Clrroden- drum tnforlunatum. S,, KPJOmuga, mura, mutra, mu kop 60, mQ dlna three days.

Ta kOtir cold, cold wind, kQtal sensation of cold chilliness leontal biting cold Go L. IchalUng to bft cattlekalp deceitful Ko kajv- ka t- to take out or scoop out with finger, suck, beakflick away dirt from liquid or semi-liquid e g clay Ka ka acu to remove, pull off, puU out, let drop, UNR kajubu weeds and grass standing in com. Go many dial toja id. Ct Pa pidka. J follows L Since there is much uncertainty of recording, single consonants and double consonants are often grouped together in entries, n before a stop is placed m the order of a nasal homorgamc with the stop The index of the numbers of Voc entries includes only those that are referred to in the Supplement Many of the Voc entries were already included in DED, in whole or in part, and have not been repeated.

Tu bacc-lrfe betel leaf or with 4S39 Te palm com, grain, growing com Nk. OMar Master arala id Te alarSru to shine, glitter, suit well be proper, fit, rejoice, be pleased, alarlncu to please, gratify Ta alappan a chatterer, alappu alappi 1 to chatter, prattle, talk nonsense, alampu alampl- to sound tinkle, alam- Pa o.

P hiru pi hirka id Pe hlrel orli bandicoot. In dap- to weave.

Te remma, rebba brancnlet, twig? P t6y marls Ficus glo- merala.

Full text of “A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary Suppplement”

Honda magma kilu, manma kklu id. Ma arey part of hue where bees and grubs live for Ms Kaup lrukkuka to collect taxes Kur erkhnS to be ettymological much out of pocket, be fined, lose money, erkhta’Sna to make one so much the poorer, fine, extort, make disgorge Malt ergtre to force another to pay his debts.


Tu- narengunl to hesi- tate, narengele a dull, tardy, slow, hesitat- ing man. Pe paz- past- to be caught bird or animal, in snare or with 1 a. W k3pa glva to latch or bolt the door but cf kSpa peg, short bar, bolt, hook,? Kuwi Su kan- kacc-F kanjali kac. Ytkka roof, S wiggnai ceding Br benlfing beriftng.

A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary

S Subrahmanyam, Department of Linguistics, Annamalai University especially Kui etymo- logiesto these scholars our thanks are due We are, as before, most grateful to Sn Sudhibhushan Bhattacharya and Professor Bhadnraju Krishnamurti The former collaborated with Burrow in much fieldwork and the products of their joint efforts have found a place in DEDS, as well as material that was collected and graciously communicated by Bhattacharya alone.

Tu c2 Andro- pagan schoenanthus pe bar- -t. Konda Tug- -It- to enter, steal m, get into, enter through a passage Pe. S54J, S, b,,,, Ron da puyu flowering, a flower blos- som.

S druklnal to snore, snort, gurrinal to wheeze?

Catalog Record: A Dravidian etymological dictionary : supplement | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Malt, antje to find, tee Cf Ta. P tals- rat, etc. Ko varv- vard- to hit with 1 stick, varl act of hittmg with a stick. P Sit- to gore with boms Ta. Ka apukujl an easily crying or fretful person Tu.

To pac- pace- to scratch.