casa bianchi Architectural Section, Modern House Plans, Villa, Interior . Mario Botta: Riva san Vitale Lugano, Carlo Scarpa, Single Family, Home And. The Bianchi House by architect Mario Botta was built in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland in House at Riva San Vitale Designed by Mario Botta by praenim in Types > School Work > Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes.

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In fact, it was now like building a house starting from the roof. Nov 19, 16 6: Nov 8, 16 It was a beautiful land of square metres covered with tall chestnut trees, which Leontina Bianchi inherited, set on a steep hill that lead down to Lake Lugano and faced the impressive Monte Generoso between the peaks of the Lombard Prealpi which are usually covered with snow.

39 best House at riva San vitale images on Pinterest | Mario, Switzerland and Architects

For this reason, no further works have been approved in this area and house rises solitarily in this now-protected landscape. Each side of the building has some sort of architectural slit.

The volumes of the various living spaces fill in the frame, starting with one quadrant on the top floor and concluding with three quadrants, four floors below at the living-room level. This is the reason why this house stands alone in its protected landscape. All jario areas of this floor communicate visually with one another and with the spaces below, due to its openness.

Schools School Blogs Forum. Powered by WordPress and Hatch. Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram! Interior designing is a kind of art which is not an easy task. You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. Unfilled quadrants provide steplike sequences of exterior terraces. Characteristics of this region were the clear volumes of old buildings that raised over the trees as traces of human marks.

The clear volumes of ancient constructions which rise above the trees like vestiges of human markings are characteristic of this region.


But, any architecture school library should have some Botta books that touch on the subject. Mario Botta born April hluse, is a Swiss architect.

The real problem, ria, seems to me to be to cultivate an understanding that construction transforms only a part of nature, that it should engage in dialogue with nature, and that it is up to us, to this generation, to find the way to resolve the conflict with the stubbornly conservative and their committment to anything which was built in the past.

Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale research project

I think it is also very necessary to take drawints decisions before designing. I’m a first-year architectural technology student doing a group research project on Mario Botta’s Bianchi house at Riva San Vitale,but in the course of my research, I haven’t found specific information regarding the construction materials, building technologies and structural systems, or environmental systems used the home’s design.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, Coloring a plan layout Geo-referencing your case study Finalizing your post Final presentation blogroll Atlas map. From the entrance, and in descending order, there is a studio and an upper terrace on the east overlooking the lake and the mountains; the parents’ bedroom with its spacious terrace facing south to the meadows, and then, below the floor with the children’s bedroom and playroom.

The feeling, when crossing the bridge towards the house, is of entering into the landscape, and one’s youse extend beyond to the church of Melano, at the other side of the lake.

It is precisely the combination of that impressive nature with these basic constructions that confers a very special quality to this canton.

In the case of the house at Riva San Vitale, he reinterpreted the vernacular type of tower to protect the landscape, together with answering his friends’ wishes of both enjoying the views of the lake above the trees and by having a strong contact with the ground. Since darwings house drawiings organized around a central staircase, its spiral circulation faces different views.


Bianchi House

They express a relationship of the interior of the house with the surroundings, the movement of the sun, or the direction to an existing historical construction; they hoouse a geometry that corresponds to the abstraction of the surrounding landscape.

Apart from the 16th century temple in Riva San Vitale, there were once plentiful old “Roccoli”, or traditional bird hunting towers. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s guidance in locating any resources, construction notes or documents, including floor plans and section details, used in the home’s construction that relate to any of the specifics I mentioned above.

The figure is comprised of series of large vertical subtractions which generate voids of various heights, thereby creating a kind of draft in the main volume. This smaller volume takes lesser importance as, being a metallic gridwork, it appears translucent. Detail drawings will be harder to find. It is like a sculpted volume with four elevations which responds to the surrounding environment: Images shared above is great.

From its more than cubic metres only square metres are inhabited. The house is like a carved volume with four elevations which responds to the surrounding environment: Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.

Ground floor Finally, on the ground floor, there is a storage area, laundry and a semi-covered area in which vehicles are kept. Emphasis on the large openings cut into the cubic mass of the house achieves a monumentality similar to that of the local vernacular. Vitale, Ticino, SwitzerlandMaterials The most emblematic elements of the house are the grey concrete of the load-bearing walls and the red of the metallic bridge which leads to the house.

The bridge is a way to establish a physical relationship between the mountain and the structure. Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland.