Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. “Dwellings of the Philosophers” (Les Demeures Philosophales) was the second and the last known work of Fulcanelli as first published in

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De Cyrano Bergerac 26 gives an account of this tradition when, as a new inhabitant of a world near the sun, hermetic cabala is explained to him by “a naked little man seated on a stone”, an expressive figure of simple, naked truth seated on the natural stone of the philosophers. If they are not just apocryphal, other no less certain documents can be unearthed later which contradict them, waiting in turn to be devalued by the unearthing of yet other no less certain archives” 6.

And would it not be a great service to render unto others, unto neophytes, to advise them to meditate upon this great truth which the Imitation Book III, Ch. All the great chemists thus had ideas in the back of their heads which they never revealed Much to the contrary they appear to have been built in the enthusiasm of a powerful inspiration of ideal and faith by a people happy to live in the midst of a flourishing and strongly organized society.

And yet medieval France offers a striking sight. Bernard is sometimes brilliant and ingenious, sometimes somber and moving. It bears no indication as to where it was published or as to the name of the publisher.

His good parents, as much to subdue him as to give a measure of prudence, had screwed him onto his chair. What then is the agent which imposes its new specificity upon the compound and forces the water, solidified by cold, always to crystallize in the same system? Without scorning these useful researchers, let us recognize that very often the most fortunate among them only obtained mediocre benefits, and dweklings the same process, at first successful, later led to nil or uncertain results.

When the coffin lid was raised, only a skeleton was found surrounded by a blackish soot mixed with dust Those who persevere in spite of failure have a right to our regard. Our predecessors were neither insane nor impostors, and the mother idea which guided their works, the very one which 21 infiltrates scientific spheres of our times, is foreign to the hypothetical principles, whose fluctuation and vicissitudes of which our rimes have no idea.


This study, exclusively philosophical, o man to penetrate the mystery fucanelli facts, to grasp its vastness, and to finally identify it with the Supreme Intelligence, soul of the Universe, Light, God. Attacked from all sides, its prestige disappears; ths decreases, opinion is modified.

They are appointed to symbolically translate the truths of the Middle Ages received from Antiquity, whose faithful depository or remained. Such are the opinions of the philosophers about their own works.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

dwllings Roger Bacon, sa personne, son genie, ses oeuvres et ses contemporains, Paris, A. It is the one which touches most closely on profound truths and which will slowly give us laws capable of changing all of our systems and our formulas. Is it because the wheelbarrow touches them closer, interests them more, is more familiar to them?

So that no one could doubt it, on the next garret window to the right, he had sculpted an exploding barrel of powder, a symbol of war, whose impetuous minister he was; on the left hand window, a panache of ostrich feathers, attributes of a high and powerful lord, as he claimed to be; and on the other two garret windows of the same bay, an owl and a bat, birds of vigilance, his great virtue.

The 15th century marks the glorious period of the science and surpasses even the preceding ones as much by the value as byte number of the masters who rendered it illustrious. A nouveau riche of the same kind, head of the monastery of St Bartholomew in London, Prior Bolton, who occupied the office from tohad his coat of arms carved in the bow window of the triforium from where he watched over the pious exercises of his monks. We shall contact them and it will not be long before we love them.

Dec 22, Lea added it Shelves: Preview — The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli. You give it wine, it gives you back tannin, alcohol and water in equal weights. May the philosophers, our brothers whose indulgence we claim, condescend to forgive us these divulgations. If, as we have said, the falsification of a text, the writing of a chronicle demand nothing more than some skill and know-how, on the other hand, it is impossible to build a cathedral.


It is the time where the great basilicas were completed; in religious architecture, other important collegiate or monasterial buildings were also being raised: The second preferably takes its directives from philosophy.

This flcanelli never been contested by anyone”. It is meant for the entirety of living beings spread throughout nature. Near us, an extinguished forge, covered with dust and metal scales; the anvil, hammer, tongs, shears, clamp irons; rusted ingot molds; the rough and powerful tools of the philosoohers ended up there. We see remarkable civil edifices rising from the earth, from the Hospice of Beaune to the law courts of Pgilosophers and the town hall of Compiegne; from the mansions built nearly everywhere by Jacques Coeur to the belfries of free cities, Bethune, Douai, Dunkerqe, etc.

The aim which they pursued presented some analogy with that of the alchemists, but the materials and the means which they had at their disposal were uniquely chemical materials and means. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Full text of “Fulcanelli Dwellings Of The Philosophers”

Must we indict ignorance, whim, perversion of taste? And so, without taking account of their later erections, we will consider these works of later importance but of similar meaning with the hope of discovering in them the secret idea symbolically expressed by their builders.

Ffulcanelli imprecise ghost, a lying specter, the marvelous and deceiving chimera indeed deserves to dwellihgs relegated to the rank of illusions of yesteryear, of false sciences, as a very eminent professor notes 1.

I adopt the dogma it is one of the unity of matter, the hypothesis of the evolution of chemical elements from the lightest to the heaviest atomic weight, and even the theory — imprudently called law of periodicity — dwllings Mendeleev. Sicuramente l’alone di mistero che avvolge questa figura del secolo scorso ha contribuito a fomentare l’interesse verso il filosofo. It is a combination, subject to an active principle, to an agent. But let us allow the donkey to gravely carry its relics and let us resume our topic.