ebXML Architecture – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML and its . ebXML Core Components – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML. ebXML Quick Guide – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML and its .

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WorkSpace Studio provides a browser-based interface through which you can test the functionality of your business process. This line specifies a new channel which listens messages that are sent using event a File event generator. If you do not create a channel file before testing the process, you will encounter an tutoriql. In this example you look at the already built exml which was distributed with the zipped archive that contained this tutorial see, Step 3: Company A’s CPP and its own.

ebXML Core Components

Before ebxm, any of the examples: On the Package Explorer pane, select and right-click the Rutorial. This will create a new instance of the File. Configuring Non-Default Protocol Settings. Core Components Editor and Browser: Click Browse by the Name field. In this scenario, company B communicates with company A directly and sends the newly created CPA for acceptance to company A. On the Receive Data tab, create a new variable named order of type Order and specify it to be assigned to the method.


Right-click on the ebxml. Otherwise, company A designs the missing parts, stores them in the ebXML registry and makes them available for its industry partners.

Note the inbound and outbound directories. If this is the first time WebLogic Workshop is started since it was installed, the samples project, which contains sample services installed with WebLogic Workshop, is displayed. If at any time you need more detailed descriptions, refer back to Building the Buyer Business Process while completing the following tasks:.

This concludes the creation of the SelectorSeller business process. For more information about the Email control, see Email Control. The process is invoked when an XML message is received from the Buyer initiator process by the Receive request node, the Receive request node assigns the XML to a variable, and the write node writes the XML message to a file named order.

This can be represented as a software stack of services, as shown below:. A new Control Send with Return node named write is added to your business process. Instances of ebzml already available in your project are displayed in the Controls tab.

ebXML – Core Components

Click on the WebLogic Workshop menu to deploy the business process. Click the Refresh link to see the callback method. In the Do you want to setup a certificate for this company?


The transport interface transforms ebXML specific data to other forms carried by network services and protocols. In the Services pane, click Create New.

You can run and test your processes using the WebLogic Test Browser. The default values were used as follows:.

The example shows how organizations prepare for ebXML, search for new trading partners and then engage in electronic business. This value has to be specified again although it exists in the controls definition JCX file. In the File name field, enter Seller.

ebXML – Messaging Service

Tutofial each of the servers, start WEbLogic Workshop and open the tutorial application. For example, you may choose to send the order to an ERP system most likely having transformed it first via an Application View control, and then subscribe to an event from the backend system with invoice information. You are now ready to go on and create a SelectorBuyer initiator process.

Use what you rutorial learned in previous examples to complete the following tasks:. Cut and paste the content of C: The Select a wizard dialog box is displayed.