As EconoBead filters are pressure vessels, the pump sits before the filter, . WATER SAVING DRAIN: The EconoBead filters EB40/50/60 come standard with a. UltraBead-EconoBead Pond Filtration, Absolute Koi, Koi Supplies – Koi dealer – Koi Ponds – Koi Pond 60 x 85 cm, ltr – Gallons, 14m³/h – gph. The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are equipped as Econobead Performance Table Econobead Bead Filter EB

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The blower is also equipped with a silencer.

Econobead Low Pressure Bypass Kit – EB 40, 50 & 60

Turn pump on and run until water is clear. How does a bead filter perform Bio filtration? Move multiport valve to rinse feature. The surface needed to install this filter is ecobobead Sign Up for Our Newsletter: The Econo Econoobead filters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: This may take up to weeks at temps. In these tests, bead filters out performed other filtration systems, when considering both bio filtration and clarification.

Ideally swimming pool pumps like the Whisperflo are very suitable.

Nexus Upgrade kit. With the bypass system it is also possible to use econobewd pressure pumps which saves a lot of energy!. A bottom drain to remove the sludge from the bottom. All particles ecnoobead enough to be carried away by the water flow are trapped in the bead mattress. Is an EconoBead filter only suitable for ponds? The first time we use the RINSE feature to wash the beads with the blower which forces huge amounts of air into the econobeadd and since air rises in water, the beads are broken apart by this action, making a thorough backwash easy to accomplish.


These products are fitted complete on a plastic pallet. Beads for all type of Bead Filters 10 Ltr. Air will go out of the EconoBead filter to waste and a small amount of water when blower is activated. How does this filter work? Dirty Harry Pre Filter. This product is no longer in stock.

Bio filtration depends on the establishment of a colony of econnobead on the surface of the beads large enough to convert dissolved toxic nitrogenous waste to harmless compounds. We are always looking to expand our network. Keep it open for seconds, and then shut it. Comes with a big clear lid for easy access. Micro K1 Bead Filter. Beads for EB filter material 25 Kg 40 Ltr.

Most compact pond filter on the market. It can be positioned below the water level: To obtain a correct rinsing of the filter, a pump which delivers a ecinobead of at least 1 bar is required. Installing the bypass allows the use of more economical pumps like Aquamax,Eco-S, Pond Eco etc without affecting the flow through put. FeedbackCompany reviews Excellent reviews.

EconoBead 60 (galls) 65kg Beads

This is one of the secrets of the bead filters success–high surface area per cubic foot for a large bacterial colony per cubic foot of filter media. Features Of The EconoBead The next is Nitrobacter, which is responsible for the breakdown of nitrite into relatively harmless nitrate. Advantages Biological and mechanical filtration in one Simple and quick cleaning Maximum flow with minimal pressure loss Filtration up to 5 microns Standard with bypass Most compact filter system on the market All models are standard equipped with a totally new designed multiport valve construction with integrated by-pass.


Keep the pressure loss in mind regarding the filter and the pipe work.

It is possible to use a bypass option which allows to pump the water directly into the filter, without going through the multi-way valve: Advantages Excellent price-quality ratio High-quality PE housing 5 models for ponds that are approx. How do you size a beadfilter? The filter EconoBead is like its big brothers, a filter that combines both mechanical filtration and biological purification: Kockney Koi Mega Filters. It is very important to get them out of the econobeead for overall water quality and more efficient filter operation.

Bead Filters

The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: Nexus Eazy Upgrade Kits. This comes in handy when you are treating the pond. This will purge the large solids that have made it into the EconoBead filter and settled out in the bottom of the tank to econobeav.

Turn pump on and run until backwash water is clear.