Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her. Summary. Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty-one year old with family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person. Eden Forest Book One of the Saskia Trilogy Aoife Marie Sheridan Four banished Angels, A world created by the hands of God, A Kingdom on its knees, A secret.

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Sarajane is a likeable, relatable character. When the time came, the angels were sent down to earth to be born to the mortal world with free will.

And i will find another song it just took me forever to even pick that one, this is a hard book to pin down Sometimes there is the perfect amount of detail that really allowed me to get lost in a scene of the story. The four angels talked about being mortals all the time, they did extra things to please God, yet they still remained angels.

How to Promote YO The author has done a wonderful job with the plot and world building! Things are about to change when a man Sarajane has never met comes up to her and asked her dance. I felt like I could see the world right along with the characters.

Jeremy, the ability to control air, and Sarra, a water affinity. So i think that this book would work if you are a paranormal fan as well, just dip your toes into fantasy come to the dark side, we have enchanted forest!

I’m a tough nut to crack when it comes to paranormal type books. Really looking forward to it! She soon finds a world she could never imagine was real when she is taken there.

Some have minor roles but are expected to have much bigger ones in the coming parts of the deen. Subscribe to Posts Atom.


Sarajane thinks she is a normal girl. I will say the concept and the plot are very new to me; i I will start saying I absolutely loved this book. The storyline, which begs the reader to read more and to turn each page to learn more, only could be present due to the skillful writing of Ms.

Sarajane’s mother and nari father face no end of problems given their stations in life when they first meet. The world mmari Saskia was well developed as well. But the moment she is in that world, that is when I started to be a little annoyed with her, her stubbornness turned into to much of it. They need to be written a certain way and Aoife Marie Sherifan did an amazing job.

Oh it such fun! Yet, at other times his redeeming qualities made me want to give him another chance. Christiane Cardinal March 7, at 2: The effect of her mother’s disappearance is felt by the whole family, and affects every aspect of their lives. The competition exen the 1st of March voting is open to public so by all means come along and Judge a book by its cover.

Eden Forest

Lists with This Book. I am very interested to continue following the characters and seeing how they change and grow. I instantly fell in sheridxn with Eden Forest and the world of Saskia.

When the time came, the fden were sent down to sheeidan to be born to the mortal world with free will. Eden Forest by Aoife Marie Sheridan. She is finally old enough to take a mate and live happily ever after. I do hope the author tells a bit about what happens with Sarajane’s friends who were left behind when she came to Saskia.

As she journeys through this new world she discovers her own magical powers and finds aooife they come with a price. I will start saying I absolutely loved this book. I loved that she was such a compassionate MC and along with compassionate, she was passionate.


The geek in me hopes that it is. To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at: I loved it and cannot wait to see where their story goes.

Bittersweet Enchantment: Blog Tour: Eden Forest by Aoife Marie Sheridan | Guest Post + Giveaway!

He is amazing love interest i liked him so much but i will admit that i thought Sarajane and his relationship maybe moved just a little to fast for me, but i don’t totally hate it either, i am slightly sherodan. Even more shocking, she has not been drug off to a secret location to await a ransom. It’s a good read and you’ll want to read the sequels to find out what else happens.

Snyder, then the world of Saskia will entertain you for hours.

God gave them these powers so they could understand what he had created, and in time, he hoped they would understand the values of each element that he had given freely to the mortal world. I was provided a copy of this book by the author for my honest opinion. Details like the physical landscape and overall geography of the kingdoms were carefully planned and added depth to the story. Jul 13, Johnnie-Marie Howard rated it it was amazing Foresy Blog Layout Credits Design: This is a wonderful start to a trilogy that pulls the reader into another world.

The only challenge I had with Sarajane was that I felt she accepted her new role as the princess of Saskia a bit too easily.