Como dice el abad Jean-Charles Nault (Cf., El demonio del mediodía. La acedia, el oscuro mal de nuestro tiempo. BAC, Madrid, ), el. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. The noonday devil is the demon of acedia, the vice also known as sloth. The word “sloth,” however, can be misleading, for acedia is not laziness; in fact it can .

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He urges us not to let ourselves be robbed of evangelizing joy, not to let ourselves be overcome by sterile pessimism: In general terms it is understood as “fatigue,” “reluctance,” “discouragement” that leads the person to a loss of meaning for what he does.

May 14, Matthew rated it really liked it. Quotes from The Noonday Devil Acedia is such a slippery concept these days: Finally, he looks at the implications of acedia for cloistered religious, priests, and married couples. Comments No comments on this story Please log in to comment by clicking here.

This book articulates this so well that anyone with enough understanding to do any kind of advanced study ought to read it. We tend to think of dsmonio as inactivity, but the more traditional Christian understanding is sloth as gloominess, sadness, lack semonio care, and lack of purpose.

The author gives a thorough history, including a big slog through Thomas Aquinas’s philosophy, demlnio stick with it, because it’s worth it! America’s Largest Catholic Newspaper. When it addresses the contemporary manifestation of acedia, its primary audience is monastic.

It is a book worth reading. Drawing from writings of the desert monk Evagrius of Pontus and the medieval scholar St. Now, on to the other dozens of books I’m supposed to be reading. Jun 15, Joyce rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. A bit more insight as to why this is such a fight. Acedia involves a “flight from oneself” and an “escape from God. Evagrio understands acedia as a lack of concern for the spiritual life; he defines it as an “numbing of the soul”, that is to say: This book was a very profound and eye-opening read.


Trivia About The Noonday Devil A most helpful and encouraging book on a long-overdue topic.

Jun 22, Melanie Rigney rated it it was amazing Shelves: It took me some time to get through this book but it was well worth it. For those who are unfamiliar with theological reading, it will be challenging, but not daunting. The mother has two options: Yes, we are busier than ever, but that busyness sometimes stems from our desires to fill a spiritual void with things other than God.

In chapter three, I strongly felt that Nault missed the chance of a more sincere, religious-minded application of these ideas to the daily life of non-monastics.

La Acedia: Atonía del Alma

The author also proposes both metaphysical and practical means to overcoming this ailment, but the question that is posed is will man take these means? Despite all his efforts, he will never be able to get to it Our excessive use of technology is also based ek the mistaken idea that we can find true “rest” by scrolling through Facebook guilty Thomas Aquinas will define acedia as “sadness over the divine good and discouragement from action” Ibid.

Frankly, the cover a Degas painting of an absinthe drinker is what sold me on the book when I saw it at a monastery gift shop. The bits on acedia in the life of monks was neat but not that useful or applicable to me. I appreciate also Nault’s treatment of the history of the topic, and how the concept of Acedia shifted through the years, suffering an almost complete loss of the term and its true meaning.


La Acedia: Atonía del Alma | Catholic New York

Had a friend talk about this book while having a conversation about sloth. This book is very insightful, written by a Monk, yet penetrating the lives of all who call themselves Christian.

Liked the end on being Had a friend talk about this book while having a conversation about sloth. The understanding has changed over the centuries but it is worth ferreting out.

Noonday Devil Chapter Two 18 13 May 03, Want to Read saving…. Perhaps others might explore how acedia is there in our secular lives and how it springs up in modern literature, probably unbeknownst to the authors themselves.

He provides dis Really great book about the history of and effects of acedia–often thought of as despondency, melancholy, etc.

The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times by Jean-Charles Nault

It may be acedia. Open Preview See a Problem? Saw advertisement from Ignatius Press: Chapter One discusses Evagrius of Pontus died and the Lq Fathers; Evagrius very well and concisely described De,onio among the desert monks, and included Acedia as one of the Eight Wicked Thoughts. Acedia is a sin or an evil that is actually hard to define. I believe Nault’s book will help me and others to move beyond that withdrawal to the life the Lord desires us to live: Please log in or register to add your comment.

Some really good tidbits: