März Dresdner Musikfestspiele /Deutsche Radio Philharmonie. ISU World Cup Short . programme, Handwerkermarkt. Juni Das Elbhangfest lädt am kommenden Wochenende ein und warum sie sich für das Programm ; Zuschlagskriterien: Preis. 1. Sept. programm für Toleranz und Demo- kratie und gegen Extremismus Maßnahmen noch im Jahr Elbhangfest bis maximal: 10 Euro.

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Moreover, the Studentenwerk Dresdenthe Academic International Office and the Erasmus initiative Dresden offer a great variety of events and activities such as theme nights and day trips with the objective to stimulate contacts between foreign and German students.

During the last weekend of June, as every year, on the banks of the river Elbe near Dresdenin the section between Loschwitz and Pillnitztakes place Elbhabgfest. You will see that Dresden and its environs have a lot to offer. The “Bib-Lounge”a cafeteria run by the Studentenwerk, keeps body and soul together with an extensive array of snacks, drinks and small dishes. Watch out for vacancies at the faculties. Therefore, visiting specialised libraries is an elbhagnfest component of any study course.

You may also print out documents in the PC-pool. Please do also pay attention to individual sports, such as juggling or mono-cycling. The first place to go to in order to get a 201 job is the Studentische Arbeitsvermittlung e.

In addition to specific searching for literature, search elbhangfset means of keywords is also possible. You will find your entry code on the first page of the “Studienbuch”, which you received together with the notification of admission.


In addition to cultural leisure activities doing sports might be good to compensate for your academic studies. Regional traders as well as arts and crafts representatives use this festival as a platform to present themselves to the general public, framed by concerts and shows. Copying facilities are not only available in elbhangest libraries. Please also have a look at the Calendar of Cultural Events, published by the Academic International Office of elbhxngfest Dresden University of Technology, which provides you with information concerning the latest events.


Dance enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in several large discos or smaller scene clubs. During the entire time of the festival, the adjoining streets form a traffic free zone, so that the relaxed atmosphere of the festival can be fully enjoyed. Attending a language course prpgramm one of Dresdens’ language schools is one possibility. The Bunte Republik Neustadta multicultural festival in the Neustadt district, lasting for two days, is known for its open, cross-cultural and easy-going atmosphere.

Please note that there is a difference between citizens of EU member states and others. In any case, language schools offer ideal conditions, good media facilities and professional supervision. Moreover, doing sports to affordable prices will compensate for the challenges of studying.

June 24 to 26 – the Elbhangfest in Dresden

You will enjoy many markets of handicrafts, antiques and of course food stalls with specialties from Saxony. The arts festival organized by local citizens and cultural associations of Dresden offers a rich program of concerts from the recorder to hard rocktheater and dance, comedy and lots of events for children. You will benefit with regard to your health and will spend pleasant time while getting to know fellow students. In addition, every department or faculty has its own computer room, offering subject related, specialised hard- and software.


Native speakers teach small groups of learners. As a matter of course, every computer room is equipped with a printer, and for the most part with a scanner elbhxngfest internet access.

Elbhangfest – Wikipedia

At the end of a demanding day of studying, you deserve time for recreation and personal development. Inthe year- jubilee was celebrated.

Even if you will hardly find moderate student prices, with a bit of patience also students with a smaller budget will find the 2101 place to go to.

Explore and find your favourite cinema!

Numerous cinemas of all kinds offer a great variety of programmes. Now the Green Vault has returned to its original location – the Residence castle in Dresden.

You may choose between mountaineering and alpine sports, health-oriented forms of sports, swimming, team sports, dance, or water sports. Around Germany Useful hints and tips for travelers in Germany.