Meaning of électrogénèse in the French dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for peuvent rendre compte des troubles de l’électrogénèse corticale. Ces profils sont dans l’ensemble conformes à l’hypothèse d’un dipole à l’origine de l’électrogénèse corticale et suggèrent que les fuseaux et les pointes des. L’EEG montre une absence d’organisation physiologique de l’électrogenèse avec cécité et atrophie corticale sur l’IRM dans le cadre d’un syndrome d’Alpers .

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Amygdala unitary activity in the urrdtrained cat. Hippocampal activity in the unrestrained rat. Pyramidal influences on spinal cord during desynchronized sleep. Surface and depth recording during natural sleep in the monkey. Biol HODES R Electrocortical desynchronization resulting from reduced prprioceptive drive caused by neuromuscular blocking agents.

Meaning of “électrogénèse” in the French dictionary

Alcione di alcunl’farmaci sul tracciato elettrico cerebrale e sul comporlamento del conig1io decorticato. Paris 56 The corticqle of sleep on local cooling of the spinal cord in relation to the mechanism of spinal shock. Science A behavioral index of caudate-induced inhibition Electroencephalog. Electroencephalographic synchronization and desynchronization in the chronic ” cerveau isole” of the dog.

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ÉLECTROGÉNÈSE – Definition and synonyms of électrogénèse in the French dictionary

In Physiologie de l’hippocampeedited by P. Spontaneous activity oi Betz cells in cats with midbbrain lesions. Appetitively conditioned and drive-related bioelectric baseline shift in cat cortex. In Aspects anatomofonctionnels de la physialogie du sommeil, a Symposium edited by M. Functional conections between pontine reticular formation and lateral geniculate nucleus during deep sleep. Sleep-inducing mechanims in the brain stem. Effect of unilateral chronic lesions of the midbrain on the electrocortical activity of the eat.