This section provides designers with the data sheet specifications for. MAX® II .. On the EPM, EPM, and EPM devices, the flash memory block. EPM datasheet, EPM pdf, EPM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Altera Corporation, MAX II Device Family. All MAX® II devices provide Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) boundary- scan test ( BST) circuitry that complies with the IEEE Std. specification.

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ALTERA MAX II BIG EPM/EPM Development Board | KATSTORES | Katelec Stores

Now it’s time to design the needed circuitry datassheet blink a led inside the CPLD. So you can decide to upload the new sketch at first with the new “scenario”, but in this new sketch a STM32 pin will be changed as an output, so you have two output connected together too!

In this case you need to populate C31 and C35 too see the schematic. Two dev boards into one. These are two important functions: I’ve just finished the new PCB revision: Similar projects worth following. This is a ready to use example of a custom controller for a 4 digits 7-segments BCD led display.

How to configure Quartus II.

A new schematic file will be created:. The result is shown in this short video: Some important notes about these two function: Requiring 2 programmers is a pain. Epm5700 Password Forgot your password? Now some more checks before send the files to the PCB service Remember to avoid names with spaces inside!


Does this project spark your interest? A logic “1” in the DATA bits means “led turned on” or “push button pressed”. Now I’ll use three counters, each one connected to datawheet as a 1: A new schematic file will be created: In the following I’ll use Quartus II version This setting must be used for every new project, so in the following we’ll see how to create a new project and apply the correct setting.

You should Sign Up. This because it is not possible from the outside to know if this function is enabled or not. I remember the data sheet had the pin functions on the left and the pin numbers for various packages on the right.

EPM Datasheet(PDF) – Altera Corporation

I suggest to use the same name for all the fields as done in the photo. This is the environment:. But there is a situation in which this switch comes very very handy. Now what it can happen if you want change, for any reason, an datashwet as output and an output as input in the same change?

MAX II EPM570 CPLD Development Board

The custom controller has four registers to store the BCD digits, and drives a 4 digit BCD led display already assembled on the board with a BCD to 7-segments decoder using multiplexing. Usb Blaster User Guide. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. Now you have an empty template and it’s possible change the setting. Adobe Portable Document Format – Imagine that you are testing a custom interface loaded into the CPLD, and simulating this interface in a “real” situation using the STM32 as “stimulus” generator.


From the above windows, on the left side, choose ” Unused Pins “: View all 8 project logs.

About Us Contact Hackaday. Description Two dev boards into one: Now it is necessary to add a schematic sheet into the project.

EPM570 Datasheet PDF

In the following we will examine this sketch too. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates. So perhaps it might pay to check that your data sheet includes the errata correction before making the boards.

In eppm570 way you can simply “freeze” the CPLD holding the configuration inside.