Originally posted by Joe Kamenar: model and the question is can the company get a percentage of the assignment fee. I think you’ll find that the answer is no. FIND AND ASSIGN How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk Joseph S. Kamenar, MBA Includes. Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax. Expert Author Joe Kamenar. For those looking to get into real estate investing in today’s market, there is a unique way to profit without needing.

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You will also get a list of the tax deductions you may take and how to file your return. Fine is the business model and the question kamwnar can the company get a percentage of the assignment fee. I get calls and e-mails every week from my buyer list asking if I have anything new.

David Lindahl, ” The Apartment King” 90 minutes David is one of the major speakers on the real estate seminar circuit. From the research I have done, many real estate investors have received PRIVATE cash for rehab purposes or to purchase distressed properties so they could fix them up, then refi them and turn them into rental properties.

How to identify mistakes on your credit report. Instead of finding properties that are undervalued, I will teach you how to find properties where you have a motivated seller who is willing to sell their property subject to the existing qssign, and then assign the contract over to a buyer who can not qualify for a mortgage.

Profit in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk!

A complete rehab checklist. You will learn how to get the lowest price possible for the house by asking two simple questions. You will also get a copy of a report that I send to all my loan prospects ksmenar teaches you the inside secrets that mortgage brokers don’t want the public to know.

Here is a good overview of what HUD homes are, how to find them and how to bid on them.


You will learn how to choose your business entity, and how to avoid paying the self-employment tax on most of your profits through the use of a Limited Partnership. There was a recent lawsuit about this that I ran across. If you signed up for BiggerPockets via Facebook, you can log in with just one click! How to make an offer on an initial phone call. Have cash to purchase foreclosures or REO properties.

Too confused on lease options, pre-foreclosures, buying “subject to” or short sales? I used the Bird Dog agreement to sign up 8 property scouts. My name is Anthony Carruth. Have cash in as little as noe hours. There are several ways to make money asslgn real estate investing, from buying and holding rental properties, to buying and renting properties on a short-term lease-option, to buying and holding deals subject to an existing mortgage, to doing a short-sell on a non-performing mortgage, to buying and rehabbing properties.

This chapter teaches you the basics of the note brokering business. Should you ever need a reference as to what you provide, please feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you so much! I will send you the page book in PDF format, plus a zip file containing all the forms, agreements and letters.

Don’t have enough cash or credit to purchase an investment property?

How to wholesale properties. Don’t have enough cash or credit to purchase an investment property? I kameanr spent a week just learning more about rehabbing and buying properties “sub2”.

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

In this valuable guide, which will be on your bonus CD, you will learn how to establish AAA credit in 30 days. Ways to Make Money in Real Estate.

For a second bonus, you will get all the forms and letters in electronic format you will need to find and assign properties. All views on this would be appreciated. In fact it’s as good or better than some others that charge two to three times as much. How to find value plays in multi-family properties to create equity.

  KEM 5621 PDF

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

Here are some of the benefits of private money: This book gives you specific contact sources to get started or detailed instructions on how to set up and run the business, plus excellent internet resources. This is one site that you xnd afford not to know about. Joe’s information and forms made it easy. Thanks again, – Spencer Banda Joe I just wanted to write and tell you that I just iamenar your Find and Assign course and I would like to say that I am very pleased with it.

I want you to be happy with this package.

If you want to purchase and flip or rehab properties, you will need access to fast cash. More about this product I have just added several pages on how to market to attorneys, as they can be a source of highly profitable deals for you.

You will also learn how to use the Internet to find eager buyers and how to post your Property Overview Packages online to automate your selling process. This is truly a wonderful course and a must for those who know very little to nothing about real estate investing. Real Estate Course Blog provides the new or experienced real estate investor with reviews and comments on different real estate courses and books.

It shows you how you can earn huge profits without worrying about cash, credit or risk.

But, I must add that it was more because of information overload as opposed to anything else. In this special page report, you how to find and use private money.

What can I say Get the book now. Log In Sign up.

The 1 ad you can use to find vacant properties.