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The oscilloscope must be capable of displaying signal amplitudes that are larger than the screen. In the signal name list you find the itemnumberofthe component that is source or destination. When installing the CRT, first remove its protective cover.

For this reason the illumination voltage can lm3082 varied between about 2 and 28 V. Page The horizontal MTB deflection coefficients can be varied in steps such as done in 6. Table Of Contents 6. Adjust the TRACK gain and A offset rotary so that the two vertical lines coincide exactly with the 3rd and 9th graticule line.

Oscilloscope 100 MHz PM3082

The digital multimeter and oscilloscope are not required for this test. Carefully unsolder the soldering tags of a semi-conductor one after the other. Sensitivity MHz 1. Circuit diagram of external trigger unit The horizontal MTB flike coefficients can be varied in steps such as done in 6. If errors are mentioned, the oscilloscope will need corrective maintenance. The capacitor C determines the cut-off frequency if the bandwidth limiter is active.

Properties expressed in numerical values without tolerances, ranges or limits stated, represent the characteristics of an average instrument. See also section 9.

Verify that a horizontal line of 4. Then take care that its screen is pressed tight to the front side of the chassis. When ready, the oscilloscope is fine tuned to optimal accuracy. Before soldering, bend the wires through the holes of the solder leads, or wrap the wires around the leads in the form of an open U, or, maintain wiring ridigity by cable clamps or cable lacing.


Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation.

Signal Delay Note 3: Got it, continue to print. The error code lists are a usefull help in faultfinding; in many cases a displayed error code will point to the defective circuit part.

Check that the leads of the replacement part are clean and pre-tinned on the soldering places. The amplifier is located at the small printed circuit board at the CRT socket. Item Ordering code Description Mains input connector Fuse 5×20 1,6AT Contact spring single Battery compartment cover Differences between these models are the vertical bandwidth, the features of the vertical channels 3 and 4 fluie the presence of switcheable 50Q input impedance.

All circuit boards removed from the instrument must be adequately protected against damage, and all normal precautions regarding the use of tools must be observed. There are 4 vertical channels that are mainly identical. The communication from front unit A4 to unit A3 occurs via buffer D Page DC coupled mode. This diagram shows the final intensity Z and focusing amplifiers. For instruments with switchable input impedance it is recommended to make use of this pm302.

Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the instrument from the mains. Page Page – Horizontal deflection; X deflection coef DTB jitter in starts 1 part of 2. The knobs have an integrated shaft and fixing device. The common mode rejection ratio CMRR is a measure of susceptibility to common mode signals.


Location of options Y-out and external trigger Printed circuit board lay-out of external trigger unit Within 2 minutes the instrument automatically does its main calibrations. As alternative you may use the fast-rise output of the square-wave calibration generator.


A good knowledge of the circuitry of the oscilloscope is necessary to take advantage of these tests. Main Time Base Description.

The input circuit is formed by IC D The unit A1 description is split into the following chapters: Therefore, it is recommended to wait at least five minutes after having disconnected the unit from the mains, before removing the unit. Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the unit from the mains.

A range of much finer steps can also be selected. On the power supply unit there are many parts that carry dangerous high flukke. Page Verify that the delay difference between the two displayed signals is less fluks 0.

The linearity of the vertical amplifier is checked by pm308 a signal with a fixed amplitude vertically over the entire screen area.

Fluke PM3082 Service Manual

On the power supply there are many parts that carry dangerous high voltages. In this test, the values of frequency and voltage are checked. This gives a time-linear voltage across the capacitor; the so- called sawtooth or sweep signal.